Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Fortnight of 2012 Topps: Day 2

Today will likely be the most painless of the days. All I'm showing right now is the vertical base cards of note. I'm as guilty as anyone of not showing base cards in favor of the inserts, so I felt the need to return to the card roots.  These were 6 of my favorite shots:

I'm a big fan when there are multiple pictures in similar situations, such as the pairs above.  In a set of 330 cards (or 660 or 990 when you consider Series 2 and Update) it's tough to have good photography throughout.  I'm glad 2012 Topps had several plays at the plate, plays at the wall, and player celebrations.   I know many aren't a fan of Brian Wilson, but the top two cards are excellent because they are pure emotion. 

I usually don't worry about the base card design too much, because it just seems nitpicky for a flagship set.  It's not my favorite, but it's not horrendous. 

I was pleased to pull two cards for my PC:

The David Wright card I would describe as boring but necessary.  The shot itself isn't great, but what it means - he's watching a home run, presumably - is excellent.  The Reynolds, however, is great all around.  Anytime a ball is in mid-flight, the card has some level of excitement.  Add to that the crowd in the background, and you've got a winner to me.

Of course, not all of the pictures, no matter how quirky, are particularly intriguing. Some are just a wee bit creepy.

I don't bite my lip when I tar my wood.  Seems counterproductive and potentially dangerous.


Hackenbush said...

You said, Tar my wood! heh heh, heh heh Cool!:)

Kev said...

i hadn't seen the wright card yet - it's pretty good, i guess...