Monday, April 30, 2012

NBA Playoffs Pack Rip: 2010-11 Rookies and Stars

Just like my Super Bowl Countdown, I will track points for each team as I rip packs.  I'll drop teams as they're eliminated.  I reserve the right to grant or deny points as I please, mainly because this is my blog.

2 points each to the 76ers, Pacers, Spurs, Hawks, and Thunder for getting cards, and having those cards include active players.  The Grizzlies get 1 point for Gilbert Arenas.  The pack had one insert:

Scoring: +1 for Thunder Player, +1 for Active Player, +1 for Insert.

Leaderboard after the first pack:


Appropriate that Durant comes through in the clutch for the first pack.

2006 Topps Allen & Ginter #16

The status of most annoying name goes from Andruw to Jhonny.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Adam of ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession recently contacted me with some cards from my want lists.  I took him up on the offer, and sent him some Giants in return.  Here's what he sent:

It had been quite a while since the last time I got any 2008 Sweet Spot cards.  I'm now down to just 7 Sweet Spot cards and 12 2006 Fleer Tradition cards to complete the sets.  The Kinsler RC is is another in a long line of great RCs in the 2006 Fleer Tradition set. 

I'm now only 10 cards away from the Minds That Made the Future set.  I only need 9 2008 UD Heroes cards.  I'm still a long way away from the complete UDX Xponential set.

Needless to say, this was a very refreshing package.  It was pure "set needs" reduction, which is always greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Adam!!!

Sunday Sketch #4 of 30

His head looks exceptionally round and squatty in this picture.

I still don't get why Topps insisted on putting the Dick Perez blurb on every card, with no mention of the player shown.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Book value means something to me.

Don't worry, I'm not turning to the dark side of card value.  I simply value the book itself.  To be more specific, I value these:

Beckett Baseball February 2006
Beckett Baseball September 2006
Ryan of "O" No Another Orioles Blog sent these to me. I need to dig out my David Wright Beckett.  Thanks, Ryan!!!

Saturday Sizemore: Silky Smooth

2011 Topps Update Silk Collection #50/50

I've been trying to get one of these for a while, and one finally popped up on eBay and my reasonable offer was accepted.  The BJ Upton silk that Troll sent me made me desperately want the Sizemore Silk, so $5 seemed a decent price.  Heck, it's even an eBay 1/1.  My favorite thing about this card is that Topps never made a regular version of it.  They must have had this design/photo drawn up just before Scott was traded to the A's.  They changed his regular Topps Update card to Oakland, making this card the only instance of him on a 2011 Topps card for the Tigers, other than his Triple Threads auto/relics.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Some Artifacts from Joe...

Joe from The Sandlot sent me a nice package of cards recently.  He knocked off a chunk of my 2007 Artifacts needs:

Many of these cards make me feel like there's something flying over head.  Maybe that's why Verlander has his helmet on.  Speaking of Verlander with his helmet on.  When the hell was that picture taken?  By the end of the 2007 season, Verlander was 0 for 4 batting in his career, yet he appears to be looking at a ball that went quite a ways.  Strange.

"If you asked my sister Wendy if she thought I was weird, she'd say, 'Yeah.' But thats bullshit 'cause she's weird, cause she like has a family and a family picture on their VCR where they're all looking slightly to the left. Like something over there happened, and made everybody happy. But my sister's cross-eyed, so she can't quite pull it off. One eye is right the fuck on."  - Mitch Hedberg

I'm glad that Daisuke didn't really pan out so I didn't have to drop a skankload for this RC.

Joe also sent some great cards for my player collection:

The Opening Day Stars cards are freakin' sweet.  I've wanted that Cut from the Same Cloth card for a really long time.  Now I need another one.

Thanks, Joe!

Still waiting on Blogger to post my scheduled posts.

2006 Topps Allen & Ginter #15

This is the second short print in the set, and second SP featuring a Cincinnati Red.  The other was Griffey. Griffey > Kearns.

...and here's today's noon post...just a few minutes late.

2006 Topps Alen & Ginter #14

For some reason, I always think of Thome's 1992 Fleer card when I think of him.  For most people, that would probably be the last card they think of.  He's definitely a guy deserving of a great looking 2006 Allen & Ginter card.

yet another post that didn't go as scheduled.  This one is for yesterday. My post last night went as scheduled, though...who knows.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Timing is everything...

About a week ago, I discovered that VT basketball coach Seth Greenberg had a card in 2010 UD World of Sports.  Later that day, I discovered that he had a card in 2011 UD World of Sports.  Even later that day, I found out he had an auto in both 2010 and 2011.  The 2010 ones currently have ridiculous prices. 

On Thursday, April 19 at 10:42 PM, I won the auction on a 2011 Auto for $3 shipped.

On Monday, April 23 at 4:00 PM, VT held a press conference to announce the firing of Seth Greenberg.

On Tuesday, April 24 at 2:29 PM, my new card arrived in the mailbox.  Awesome.

I don't agree with his firing at all, but I won't go into it.  I'm still happy to own this card.  I still want the base cards from 2010 and 2011, and the auto from 2010.

In case you are wondering, the players in the background are Jeff Allen and A.D. Vassallo, two of the better players in VT history.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trolling for BJs, part 3

Finally, we can get to the really good stuff.

2009 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor #13/50

Gold refractors are so awesome looking.  They shine like no other. 

Holy Materials, Bossman (Junior). 

My favorite card of the package was this silky smooth beauty:

2009 Topps Silk #34/50
This is the first silk card I've ever seen.  I'm totally in love with this card.  I remember seeing it on his blog a while back and being crazy jealous.

Troll, I cannot thank you enough.  Your return package should be out soon. 

Weird-Oh Wednesday #2b

Weird-Ohs Baseball #2

The Tex part makes me think of Teixeira.  The Texas cowboy gunslinger thing makes me think of Nolan Ryan.  The inbred racism makes me think of John Rocker.  Thoughts?

still not published at the time I set.  Thanks, Blogger.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trolling for BJs, part 2

That's gotta be the longest BJ train you've ever seen (hehe).  Troll sent me more than 100 BJs.  I've saved the best for part 3, tomorrow.

yet another post that Blogger decided shouldn't go up as scheduled.

2006 Topps Allen & Ginter #13

I used to love this guy in my Xbox baseball games.  He could steal a base on anyone.  I would do a fantasy draft for my league and grab Pierre as my leadoff and Jay Payton as my #2 hitter.  They were bargain players that always seemed to produce for me.  Bunt for a single with Pierre.  Steal second.  Steal third.  Sac fly.  1-0, just like that.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Trolling for BJs, part 1

No, this isn't about bar hopping or strip clubs.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  This is about all of the cards that Collective Troll sent me.  He wanted to take our relationship to the next level, so he gave me a lot of BJs.  Sorry, I had to.  He didn't just give me BJs.  He also gave me some non-BJ presents:

I was screwing with the scanner, so they got chopped up weird and I didn't feel like taking the time to fix it. 
My favorite was this card:

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Base Set: Complete!

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow where I start showing pictures of the BJs.

2006 Topps Allen & Ginter #12

Really? That's the picture you went with?

Anyone else think that Tejada sneezed like 2 seconds after the picture was taken?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Filling in the gaps with Nick

Reader Nick came in clutch with some much needed 2012 Topps cards.

 My favorite of the bunch:

It's the latest card I needed for my Topps #3 collection.

Thanks Nick!!! I have your cards packed up, and hopefully they will be out soon.  (Yeah, I'm long overdue on getting them out...surprise...)

Sunday Sketch #3 of 30

The more I see of these 2006 Allen and Ginter Dick Perez Sketches, the more I think they're not that exciting.  This one definitely isn't.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Too Many Hokies

Dennis the Blowout King strikes again!  That's right, curator of both Too Many GranderVerlandersons and Too Many Michiganninghams, as well as reigning champino of Thorzul's Card Wars Episode 2 has sent me cards once again.  If you trade with Dennis, you know what it is like to never be ahead.  When I search for Hokie cards, I find overpriced cards.  When he searches for Hokie cards, he finds the sickest stuff at dirt cheap prices. 

You like that Wang? Should an XXXfractor...hehehe. 

You might be thinking, "well, those aren't that sick, really." Well first, you'd be wrong, they are sick.  Second, they weren't the sickest sickness in the sick package. This was:

2008 SP Rookie Threads Rookie Letterman Patch Autograph #09/16
My first manuletterpatchauto, and it is badass.  I love the orange and maroon letter.  The only downside is I now desperately want all of these letters.