Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Fortnight of 2012 Topps: Day 7

I figured I would lead with the picture this time.  Let me highlight all of the things wrong with this card design:

I decided to do a quick mockup of an improved Golden Moments card:

First, get rid of that stupid fade.  Then, move the home plate logo the middle of the space.  Make the player picture a little larger.  Get rid of the team've highlighted the logo well enough.  Make the tagline a little more prominent, after all, that's what the set is about.  Center and enlarge the Golden Moments label on the end.  It's ok to have a placeholder for a swatch, as long as you show some kind of concern for the card design when the swatch isn't there.

Some of you may be asking where the auto would go.  It wouldn't.  You don't have to have this be an auto set.  I prefer the "moments" sets to be "moments" sets and the auto sets to be auto sets. 

As far as the back of the cards...I'm not a big fan of them using "Granderson" first, then all of a sudden switching to "Curtis" at the end.  Also, it's pronounced "ribbie", but still spelled RBI.  You're not cool because you said ribbie.

That's half a fortnight down, folks.


Kev said...

i'm a 2012 topps "liker" - but i gotta say that i hate that freakin' fade more than anything... it doesn't look good at all! in no way!

Ryan H said...

Wow, it looks so much better with your improvements!

The Lost Collector said...

I like yours better!

Play at the Plate said...

You're hired! Wait, I don't work for Topps. Sorry.