Friday, February 24, 2012

2009 Fathead Tradeables

Ran across some of these at Big Lots recently.  I need to go back and get some more, because these are awesome.  I know Dawgbones has opened a few of these.  He sent me the BJ Upton one once upon a time.  Really $2.50 is an incredible price since it comes with 5 (4 player, 1 Team) vinyl fatheads that are like 5"x7".  If you've never seen these, you're really missing out.  They are much better than just stickers.  Fatheads can be moved and restuck easily.  I have a huge VT helmet Fathead in my VT room.

The players are cut from the background, so you only get the player when you stick it somewhere.  The team logo on each one is also cut, so you can peel and stick it somewhere too.

Each pack has one full-size team logo, and I got the Royals:

All of these are for trade, just let me know.

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I'm would like to obtain the Braun