Thursday, February 2, 2012

Football Card Super Bowl Countdown: 3 Days to go

What will the players be wearing when they hit the gridiron in the Super Bowl, you ask?  Well, Gridiron Gear, of course. 

Up for today, 2011 Gridiron Gear, with a twist.  It's Hobby vs. Retail today.

3 Hobby Packs @ $7 apiece = $21


2 Retail Packs @ $3 apiece = $6

At first glance, you've got to be thinking, "hell, 3 Hobby packs HAS to win this one." We'll see:

Here's the Hobby edition:

a trio of base cards
a trio of RCs
Alex Smith Silver X #018/250
It's a real shame that the 'Niners didn't make the Super Bowl, Alex Smith would have been racking up points for them.  I got one more serial numbered card, which was a little better:

Percy Harvin Gold X #002/100
 That's it for the Hobby packs.  Three packs, no hits, two serial numbered parallels.

On to the retail:
+1 for the G-men, +1 for the Pats
Now, the base cards may seem a little bit better, but in the two packs I bought, there were a couple of dupes:
Two packs and I got this many twins? the same order, no less.
But, at least on of the pairs was this guy:

One rookie per pack, as well:

And I did manage one parallel:

Stephen Burton RC Silver O #171/250
So, your call:

Hobby: $21 for 19 base cards (no dupes), 3 RCs, 1 #/250, 1#/100
Retail: $6 for 17 base cards (4 dupes), 2 RCs, 1 #/250

Also, we have the updated score:

Patriots 11
Giants 11

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