Friday, February 17, 2012

A Fortnight of 2012 Topps: Day 12

Time for another analogy:

Classic Walk-Offs Insert : Bad : : '87 Minis Set : Good

My opinion on the entire insert collection in 2012 Topps is that they really saved their asses with this mini set.  The others have some collectability to them, but this is the only set that seems fun to me.  I might even say Topps could milk this one by having '88 minis next year, and continuing that trend. 

When I first saw that Topps was producing this set, I was scared.  With Lineage, I was excited, at first, when I saw the '75 Minis. I then wanted to vomit when I turned one over and saw that ugly-ass Lineage back. 

When I first held one of these '87 Minis, it just felt right.  I turned it over and saw the glorious back.

My only complaint would be that many of the team logos should be a little bigger (the Cubs logo should have no white space, since it is round).  Outside of that, I think these are a big win for Topps, and I think they will be collected by many.  I only want the David Wright one.

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Kev said...

just want to say that i'm enjoying every day of this. i am probably chasing the minis, but i will look out for an extra wright!