Friday, August 29, 2014

The Orel of Destiny...

I am a firm believer that every card deserves a home.  In fact, I believe every card has a home waiting for it, and it is our responsibility to ensure that some of those cards go where they belong.  For some Eli Manning cards, and all UVA cards, that home is the toilet.  Other cards have a more important mission.

Many months ago, when I was in the early stages of my Gint-A-Cuffs spring training regimen, I had the thought of actually bribing the GAC commissioner.  Mark always joked around about receiving bribes, but no one actually sent anything his way.  I knew Mark was an Orel Hershiser super-collector, so I figured a solid bribe would be an Orel he didn't have.  My brain instantly flew back to 2009 Press Pass Fusion, which featured Orel in his Bowling Green Falcons jersey and big goofy glasses.  I looked on eBay to see if I could find some cheap Fusion Orels.  I found some, but I never pulled the trigger.  Soon, real life took over, and I forgot about the whole thing.

 Fast forward a couple of months.  I was at the local Wal-Mart, and they had put out these huge bins that were clearance card packs and paraphernalia As I dug through them, I came across several hobby packs of 2009 Press Pass Fusion.  Was this a sign?  I thought so.  I gathered all 7 packs up in hopes of finding an Orel to send to Mark.

Joba, eh, ok...hey hey hey, what's this?  It's an Orel! Mission accomplished! I had a bribe in hand ready to send.  The smell of Gint-A-Cuffs victory was that much closer.

Of course, there were many other cards in the packs, including Richard Sherman's favorite wide receiver.

There were some non-sports cards, too.  Harvick races cards, Petty used to race cars, and Stewart kills people.

Finally, back to sports cards.  Lesnar is a beast, even when they speel his nam wrong.

Basketball cards. How is Stephen Curry not 12 years old in that picture?

If I had to pick my 3 favorite poker players, these guys would be them.  Chris "Jesus" Ferguson is a close fourth.

I got two bronze parallels #/150.  I opened these packs just a couple days after Gwynn passed.  Sad.

I got one insert.  It features Willis Reed and Doug Williams of Grambling State.  Not bad.

 Boom, auto.  I had reasonable hopes of getting an auto in 7 packs, and it came to fruition.  Henderson isn't a huge hit, but his auto fills the box and it's on-card.

Here is the suck.  I pulled TWO auto redemptions.  I would be so thrilled if I pulled an actual Lesnar auto.  Notice they spelled his name correctly this time...odd.  Since I got a Dukie, it was only fitting I pulled a 'Heel.

At this point, while the redemptions are disappointing, you'd say I did pretty darn well with these packs.  But, here is where things jumped into the twilight zone.

I pulled a 1/1.

I've pulled a printing plate once in my life, but this was my first true 1/1 card.  From Wal-Mart.  FROM WAL-MART!  If that wasn't weird and amazing enough, look who it is:

The odds are astronomical.  There's no 1:3,500 packs or 1:9234 packs here.  This is 1:Product odds.  Pulling a 1/1 of anyone in the set is amazing.  But pulling the 1/1 of THE player I was trying to find is unfathomable.  When I pulled it, I screamed.  Literally.  Not like "Yes!" but more like a combination of girl-seeing-spider and O-face.

I gave this card to Mark. I could have sold it, or kept it, or traded it.  I didn't want to.  I didn't want anything in return for it.  I marked it bribe, but it's not really a bribe.

The way I see it, this card was never mine.  I was simply chosen to find it.  The cardboard gods chose me to deliver the good word to Mark.    And that word was Orel.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

College Football Begins Today!!!

College football begins today with the Texas A&M/South Carolina matchup.  What better way to start the season than by showing some college football cards?

2014 Upper Deck Rackity Packity and a handful of hobby packs.  I love college cards, so I had to grab some.  My best base rookie was Teddy B.

There are some great photos in this set.  Card designers, take note: If you aren't going to have an action shot, you need to get a nasty photo like the Bradford above.  So much awesome.

This Matt Hazel card was my favorite, by far.  It's a spectacular action shot, which is rare for small-school guys.

The old school legends didn't disappoint, either.

Of all the people in this set, Tajh Boyd is probably my least favorite.

Dan Marino on a great looking Heroes design.

The Rackity Packity guaranteed two Luck Heroes exclusives.  Awesome cards.

Lastly, I pulled one numbered card.  This retro-styled Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was the best card I got.  Kind of a bummer to be hitless on my hobby packs, but them's the breaks.

Hooray for college football!

Free Contest!!! -- CLOSED!

Seriously folks, all you have to do is pick a team and a week #.  That's it, and you have a chance at a fantastic mystery prize.  How are there still teams?

See below...And feel free to submit a third entry if you so desire.

Contest Closed

Monday, August 25, 2014

NFL Score Streak Contest!!! Enter Again!!!

CLOSED! All teams have been picked!

I think it's time to have a contest!

Who can put together the longest Score streak?

Here's the deal:

1. You pick a team.

2. Each Sunday of the NFL regular season (Week 1 = September 7), I will open a pack of Score football cards.  The packs will either be 2008 Score Jumbo (32 cards) or 2013 Score Rack Packs (52 cards).

3. If your team gets a card, you move on to the next week.  If your team doesn't get a card, you are out.  Too bad, so sad.  The one catch is that if your team is blanked on their bye week, they are not eliminated. Bye weeks start in Week 4 (check here for your team)

4. We will continue until only one team is standing.

I have twice as many 2008s as 2013s, so we will go two weeks of 2008, then one week of 2013, then two weeks get the idea.  If you look closely you'll see that the scans show a 2008 Chris Long RC (Rams) and a 2013 Anquan Boldin (Ravens).  Of course, I have no idea what week these packs will fall.  I should note that the Ravens will definitely have a card in every 2013 Rack Pack with the Super Bowl Champions subset...gotta get to week 3 for that to matter, though...

The prize will be...I don't know, but I have several weeks to come up with something.

Leave a comment to pick a team...


Bonus!  Pick the number of the week (1-17) that you think the contest will end.  All correct guesses will be randomized for a bonus prize!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs VI: The Video Evidence

Just so no one thinks I cheated to get my terrible score.  

And by the way, this may have been the worst box from my entire case.

Box Loader and Packs 1-8

Packs 9-16

Packs 17-24

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs VI: Packs 21-24

Pack 21:
284 Will Clark
51 Oswaldo Arcia
78 Zack Greinke
272 Tim Raines
158 Carlton Fisk
342 Chris Davis Short Print (+2, Short Print)
PP-JZ Jordan Zimmermann Pastime's Pastime (+3, Insert, Nationals)
104 Troy Tulowitzki Mini

Pack Total: 5
GAC Total: 133.6

Pack 22:
270 Ryan Howard (+2, FP List)
16 Bartolo Colon
248 Mark Teixeira (-1, Yankee)
6 Laura Phelps Sweatt
195 Chris Carpenter
125 Glen Waggoner
WC-07 Washington, D.C. USA World's Capitals (+2, Insert)
104 Troy Tulowitzki Mini No Number (+6, No Number)

Pack Total: 9
GAC Total: 142.6

Pack 23:
230 Ivan Rodriguez
231 Carlos Gomez
87 Alex Gordon
26 Fergie Jenkins
225 Pedro Martinez
346 Ivan Nova Short Print (+1, Short Print, Yankee)
PP-JU Justin Upton Pastime's Pastime (+2, Insert)
259 Jim Calhoun Mini A&G Back (+2, A&G Back)

Pack Total: 5
GAC Total: 147.6

Pack 24:
175 Chase Utley (+2, FP List)
199 Joe Mauer
268 Jarrod Parker
40 Steve Delabar
NW-05 Door to Hell Natural Wonder (+2, Insert)
RA-MS Max Scherzer Framed Relic (+20, Framed Relic)
17 Travis d’Arnaud Mini Black Border (+3, Black Border)

Pack Total: 27
GAC Total: 174.6

So, I did manage to get a decent hit at the end but it's way too little, way too late.  You pretty much have to break 200 to be in the running, so things don't look good for me.  Good luck to everyone else!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs VI: Packs 17-20

Pack 17:
115 Dustin Pedroia
141 Starlin Castro
296 Joey Votto (+2, FP List)
153 The Iron Sheik (+1, Twitter)
235 Masahiro Tanaka (-1, Yankee)
337 Josh Donaldson Short Print (+2, Short Print)
PP-JE Jacoby Ellsbury Pastime's Pastime (+1, Insert, Yankee)
110 Jeremy Hellickson Mini

Pack Total: 5
GAC Total: 112.6

Pack 18:
216 Matt Besser
224 Tanner Foust (+1, Racing is dumb, but I'll take the point)
273 Danielle Kang
260 Jay Bruce
297 Brian McCann (-1, holy crap this box has all the base Yankees)
252 Didi Gregorius
NW-17 Luray Caverns Natural Wonder (+2, Insert)
WNE-17 Diego Velazquez Where Nature Ends (+3, Mini Insert)

Pack Total: 5
GAC Total: 117.6

Pack 19:
194 Avisail Garcia
290 Hanley Ramirez
69 Johnny Cueto
73 Joe Morgan
66 Roger Clemens
349 John Smoltz Short Print (+2, Short Print)
PP-JW Jered Weaver Pastime's Pastime (+2, Insert)
LTL-07 Davy Crockett Larger than Life (+3, Mini Insert)

Pack Total: 7
GAC Total: 124.6

Pack 20:
203 Jered Weaver
133 Xander Bogaerts
121 Freddie Freeman (+2, FP List)
172 Andrelton Simmons
65 Fred McGriff
162 George Kell
FOY-01 Ebbets Field Fields of Yore (+2, Insert)
225 Pedro Martinez Mini

Pack Total: 4
GAC Total: 128.6

Things are looking bleak.  I'm on pace for a 152.72.  That isn't going to win anything.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs VI: Packs 13-16

Pack 13:
280 Whitey Ford (-1, Yankee)
254 Maria Gabriela Isler
291 Aramis Ramirez
282 Salvador Perez
145 Derek Jeter (-1, Yankee)
323 Harmon Killebrew Short Print (+2, Short Print)
PP-HRA Hanley Ramirez Pastime's Pastime (+2, Insert)
324 Adam Wainwright Mini SP (+3, Mini SP)

Pack Total: 5
GAC Total: 91

Pack 14:
237 James Shields
43 Craig Kimbrel
207 Justin Upton
70 Dr. James Andrews
166 Mike Napoli
55 Andrew Lambo
FAF-02 Carnivale Festivals and Fairs (+2, Insert)
204 Albert Pujols Mini A&G Back (+2, A&G Back)

Pack Total: 4
GAC Total: 95

Pack 15:
92 Ernie Banks
263 Alfonso Soriano (-1, Yankee)
156 Jean Segura
233 Dan Straily
293 Manny Ramirez
312 Mike Mussina Short Print (+1, Short Print, Yankee)
PP-DB Domonic Brown Pastime's Pastime (+2, Insert)
95 Austin Wierschke Mini (-1, Texting? Really?)

Pack Total: 1
GAC Total: 96

Pack 16:
214 Carli Lloyd
146 Max Scherzer
222 Danny Salazar
81 Larry King
FOY-05 Wrigley Field Fields of Yore (+2, Insert)
FRB-ID Ian Desmond Full Size Relic (+9.6, Full Size Relic, x1.2 Nationals)
101 Mike Trout Mini

Pack Total: 11.6
GAC Total: 107.6

My pace is now 157.4.  I'm struggling.  At least there's a good chance my third hit is something better than a full-size relic.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs VI: Packs 9-12

Pack 9:
227 Jimmy Rollins
275 Robinson Cano
173 Jose Fernandez
105 Cole Hamels
22 Michael Eisner
319 Sonny Gray Short Print (+2, Short Print)
PP-JSM John Smoltz Pastime's Pastime (+2, Insert)
210 Anthony Bourdain Mini A&G Back (+2, A&G Back)

Pack Total: 6
GAC Total: 65

Pack 10:
113 Shin-Soo Choo
240 Tony Cingrani
281 Yoenis Cespedes
171 Dusty Baker
205 Robin Yount (+2, FP List)
243 Hellen Keller
AS-12 F-86 Sabre Air Supremacy (+2, Insert)
121 Freddie Freeman Mini Black Border (+3, Black Border)

Pack Total: 7
GAC Total: 72

Pack 11:
285 Carl Crawford
98 David Wright (+4, My FP)
167 Nick Castellanos
101 Mike Trout
38 Don Sutton
112 Erin Brady
NW-02 The Shilin Stone Forest Natural Wonder (+2, Insert)
208 Al Kaline Mini

Pack Total: 6
GAC Total: 78

Pack 12:
93 Willie Mays
39 Chris Sale (+2, FP List)
107 Will Middlebrooks
210 Anthony Bourdain
211 Mark Roth
302 Polar Vortex Short Print (+2, Short Print)
PP-BR Babe Ruth Pastime's Pastime (+1, Insert, Yankee)
LL-09 Sphynx Little Lions (+3, Mini Insert)

Pack Total: 8
GAC Total: 86

And with that, my pace moves to 164, though two hits remain in the second half of the box.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs VI: Packs 5-8

Pack 5:
170 Matt Holliday
49 Felix Doubront
219 Evan Gattis
279 Steve Carlton
258 Ricky Nolasco
325 Darryl Strawberry Short Print (+2, Short Print)
PP-CR Cal Ripken Jr. Pastime's Pastime (+2, Insert)
109 Jhoulys Chacin Mini

Pack Total: 4
GAC Total: 31

Pack 6:
116 Brett Gardner (-1, Yankee)
99 Wilin Rosario
28 Mark Trumbo
47 Wilmer Flores
63 Bill Buckner
1 Roger Maris (-1, Yankee)
WNE-09 Sandro Botticelli Where Nature Ends (+3, Mini Insert)
AS-07 F-16 Fighting Falcon Air Supremacy (+2, Insert)

Pack Total: 3
GAC Total: 34

Pack 7:
177 Anthony Rizzo
229 Julio Teheran
106 Patrick Corbin
110 Jeremy Hellickson
119 Felicia Day (+2, FP List)
344 Jason Grilli Short Print (+2, Short Print)
PP-AK Al Kaline Pastime's Pastime (+2, Insert)
349 John Smoltz Mini A&G Back SP (+6, A&G Back SP)

Pack Total: 12
GAC Total: 46

Pack 8:
59 Hal Newhouser
251 Jason Castro
274 Justin Masterson
241 Dave Portnoy
WC-09 Paris, France World's Capitals (+2, Insert)
FSR-GC Gerrit Cole Full Size Relic (+8, Full-Size Relic)
334 Erik Johnson Mini SP (+3, Mini SP)

Pack Total: 13
GAC Total: 59

Well, I'm certainly feeling better after 8 than I did after 4, but not exactly feeling very good.  I'm on pace for a 161, which is still pretty weak.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs VI: Packs 1-4

Pack 1:
83 Giancarlo Stanton
245 Matt Harvey
68 Gio Gonzalez (+1, Nationals)
97 Sparky Anderson
88 Buffalo Bill Cody
347 Allen Craig Short Print (+2, Short Print)
PP-DG Dwight Gooden Pastime's Pastime (+2, Insert)
OBA-01 Robin Hood Outlaws, Bandits & All-Around Ne'er Do Wells (+3, Mini Insert)

Pack Total: 8
GAC Total: 16

Pack 2:
109 Jhoulys Chacin
144 Brett Oberholtzer
138 Mariano Rivera (-1, Yankee)
14 Michael Cuddyer
264 Mike Piazza
218 Casey Kelly
WC-04 Beijing, China World's Capitals (+2, Insert)
52 Kevin Smith Mini

Pack Total: 1
GAC Total: 17

Pack 3:
140 Matt Moore
154 Eric Hosmer
189 Clayton Kershaw
21 Rafael Palmeiro
13 Gary Sheffield
336 Wily Peralta Short Print (+2, Short Print)
PP-EB Ernie Banks Pastime's Pastime (+2, Insert)
202 Jim Rice Mini

Pack Total: 4
GAC Total: 21

Pack 4:
178 Domonic Brown
48 Alex Rodriguez (-1, Yankee)
80 Justin Verlander
265 Sam Calagione
276 Samantha Briggs
262 Mike Pereira
WC-18 Bangkok, Thailand World's Capitals (+2, Insert)
205 Robin Yount Mini A&G Back (+5, FP List, A&G Back)

Pack Total: 6
GAC Total: 27

So after the boxloader and 4 packs, I'm on pace for a 122.  Of course, there are three hits in there that should help considerably.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs VI: Box Loader

Bo Jackson (+8)

So, not very pointsy start, but it's still a cool card.

Note: I sold every hit/boxloader/high-value mini from my case to try to recoup some of the cost.  I still have a good amount of base, inserts and minis to trade.