Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The smoothest trade ever.

I recently completed a very easy trade.  While reading through responses on one of Nachos Grande's posts about his group break, I saw some people saying they were Red Sox fans, but didn't have the money to shell out for a group break at the time.  I hadn't traded Red Sox away in a while, so I clicked some names and was taken to some blogs.  I came across Matt at DocHoloday, and saw some trade bait he had recently acquired.  The timing was too perfect, as he had some great cards I wanted. 

I left him a comment.
He sent me an email with an offer of cards for me.
I sent him an email with my offer of cards for him.
He sent me his address.
I sent him my address.

That's as smooth as it gets, baby.  What a great transaction.  He posted the cards I sent him.  Now I'm posting the cards he sent me. First, he sent some set needs:

I love me some Gold Die Cuts.

He also hit up several of my PC players:

A nice manupatch:

Last but not least, another sweet Verlander pickup:

Hmm...Destination Stardom...can't disagree with the accuracy on that one. 

Thanks, again, Matt, for the great easy trade!  

1 comment:

Doc said...

Glad you liked them. And thank YOU for all the goodness you sent in return. Awesome trade indeed!