Wednesday, November 19, 2014

World of Sports

Hey, I exist...

Here's a pack break, because why not.

I don't remember where I got these.  I just know I scanned these 6 months ago.

Like the drink, only not spelled the same.

Real Salt Lake makes me laugh every time I hear it.  Just trying way too hard to be like a real league.

You probably haven't heard of this guy.  That probably won't change.

Lady golfers.

I wish Rick Fox had recruited me for college basketball.

I love the generic Pryor card.  So funny.

Not sure why this set had such an obsession with lacrosse.  I'm not really sure why anyone would have an obsession with lacrosse.

Unlike almost all 400,000 NCAA athletes, he went pro in sports. Any pro lacrosse collectors out there?

Well looky there, I just blogged.  Been awhile.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

NFL Score Streak: The Leftovers

In case you missed it, the Lions won.

Here's what you didn't miss: All of the good cards from the packs I had left over when the contest ended in 10 weeks.

Glossy Flacco RC.  Not bad.

Go Hokies! ...except they listed Wilford as having gone to Virginia.  Yucky McYuckYuck.

Other rookies.  Surprised by the Kalvin McRae...he's shown in his college uni.

I saved the best three cards for last:

I really like how they did the colors on 2008 Score.  It doesn't leave any doubt as to what the color is, but it's not just a basic colored border.  Very nice.

That's all folks.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

NFL Score Streak: Week 10

The Bye weeks can't save you now.  Put up or shut up.  Broncos - Lions.  Game on.

This is the week you have all been waiting for.  The Week we will crown a champion.  32 teams became 2 teams.  Now, those 2 will become 1.

Only one team got cards this week.

The winner is:

The Lions are the 2014 NFL Score Streak Champions of the Blog!

Congratulations to their owner, John Hazen! John, please contact me to collect your prize.

Sorry Raz, you finish empty-handed in second place.

Not only did John pick the Lions, but he picked the Lions in Week 10.  Amazing.

However, anyone who picked Week 10 is eligible for the bonus prize.  Here is the list of folks who have a shot:

Matthew Scott
Josh D.
John Hazen

Alright, I put them into and randomized 10 times.  Here are the results:

Congrats Josh D, you won the bonus prize!

Thanks to everyone who followed this contest, I hope you enjoyed it!

Oh yeah, here's the rest of the cards from that pack:

Damn if Eli didn't stick his ugly face into this pack, too.  Eli, go home, it's over, you're done.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

NFL Score Streak: Week 9

Broncos.  Lions. It's going to epic...except that the Lions automatically advance with a bye, and the nature of the contest is inherently unexciting.  I mean, I only need to show one Bronco card to move to the next week.  Otherwise, I show nothing and it's all over.

2013 Score.  52 cards.

DENVER BRONCOS - Zac Dysert doesn't give a damn about your bye week.

DETROIT LIONS - Mikel LeShoure shows up on the bye week.  Apparently nobody told him.

I guess you'll have to wait at least one more week for a champion!

Here what's happening in your neck of the woods:

Blue fancy.

Scorecard parallel which is hologrammy and not numbered.

Will next week be the week? Who knows...