Friday, February 3, 2012

Football Card Super Bowl Countdown: 2 Days to go

So what will happen when the ball crosses the goal line in the Super Bowl?  SCORE, of course.

2011 Score

This stuff was so easy to throw in the shopping cart.  A buck a pack, or 5 bucks for a thick rackie...can't beat that.  The price point and design and set size were all great on this set.

Altogether, I busted 8 retail packs and 1 jumbo rack pack.

 The card design is very good with the team colors and layout.  There's a little too much white space at the top and bottom, but still very cool.  I'm no Matt Ryan fan, but I love those Falcon jerseys/helmets. I didn't scan them, but there was 1 Patriot and 2 Giants, so +1 and +2, respectively.

+1 for the Pats, +1 for the G-men
 The rookies are nice as they have a good mix of combine/premiere/workout/draft photos.  At least on the rookies the white space at the bottom is filled.

I got one former Hokie:
No, Dawgbones, this isn't for trade.

The inserts are hit and miss, but I do like the simplicity.  The second Suh is a glossy parallel.  Speaking of Glossy, I got a few of those:

Lastly, there were 2 nice parallels:

Strangely, these actually came out of the same retail pack.  The white space at the top makes a little more sense now.

Updating the score...heh heh......

Patriots 13
Giants 14

The Giants take the lead with only two posts to go!


Justin McLeod said...

I'd like to have that Watt card...

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