Sunday, February 5, 2012

Football Card Super Bowl Countdown: SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!

It's finally here.  I am very excited, you might even say SPxcited.  Don't worry, this means the bad jokes are over.  It also means that today's product is 2010 SPx!

I wanted to end on a high note, so I picked two packs up at the LCS.  I don't usually spring for anything in this price range, but the moment hit me, and I had to buy. 

Pack 1:

I've got to give the Giants a +1 for Manningham.  In three playoff games this year, he has 3 TDs, including a huge 4th-quarter grab against the 'Niners. Will that streak continue in the Super Bowl? With all the attention Nicks and Cruz will be getting, you gotta think there's a good chance.  Dennis, the Manningham is the start of a new pile for you, but don't rush to fill a pile for me, becuase I don't know how much football I'll be opening for a while.  

There was also a nice thick card in this pack...

yep, a dummy card.  Oh well.

I should note that at this point, the Giants have pulled even with the Patriots at 15 points.  We have one pack to go.  To add a game analogy, Manningham just pulled in the game-tying catch late in the fourth quarter.

Pack 2:

No way. Eli did it again! Eli comes through in the clutch for the Giants as they win the Super Bowl as time expires.  Final score, 16-15.  Wow, that was fun.  Go figure that Alex Smith makes another appearance in the countdown.  Of course, Eli couldn't finish without his brother showing up. 

This card also had one of those thick cards in it...only this one wasn't a dummy (per se).


Well, that was a nice finish.  At least it helps justify the cost of the packs.

So, the cards say that, in a game dominated early by the Pats, the Giants fight back, tie it late, and get the go-ahead as time expires.  And, as much as it pains me to say it...Eli wins SBXLVI MVP.


Derek Hill said...

That Suh card is sweet.

hiflew said...

"Wasn't a dummy (per se)"

He he Classic.

Kevin said...

The cards don't lie