Monday, February 6, 2012

A Fortnight of 2012 Topps: Day 1

I'm doing it.  14 days, 14 posts, all 2012 Topps.  It's going to be brutal, at times, and often underwhelming.  My only hope is that it is comical in some ways, you know, to relieve the pain of seeing so much 2012 Topps.

The total damage: 6 Retail Packs, 1 Rack Pack, and 1 Hanger Pack.

Thats 6*12+72+36=180 cards.

I've got nothing funny to say today.

The pack design is simple but effective.  However, it does look like Halladay just pooped a Golden Giveaway nugget on the rack pack.

And just like that, day 1 is in the books. See, that wasn't so bad.


Dennis said...

"...brutal, at times, and often underwhelming"

My god, man, you've completely captured the essence of a Topps product!

Play at the Plate said...

Bring it!

Kev said...

i'm excited to follow... but then again, i'm a flagship fanboy...