Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Football Card Super Bowl Countdown: 4 Days to go

The Super Bowl will be filled with guys like Nate Solder, Henry Hynoski, Eli Manning and Tom Brady...


Rookies and Stars!!!

ahahaha...I'm so funny.
Wow...+2 for the Giants...and yuck a Matt Schaub turd.
 At least there was a Hokie to counteract the nasty wahoo:

Wow, a +1 for the Nicks and another +1 since it's an insert.

Man, that Studio Rookies card is just begging for an autograph.  That's a very Panini card.  For more very Panini blank spots, see 2012 Topps Baseball inserts.

Just like that, the score is tied:

Patriots 10
Giants 10

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flywheels said...

You are so right about the big blaring auto spot on the cards!