Friday, October 23, 2015

I'm not worthy...

I'm not worthy of a great trade package these days.  My blog is gathering dust, and my card-buying is near-frozen.  Life is thickening and expanding and pouring on.

But damn, it's so good to get a package of stuff in the mail.

No package disappoints, but packages from Dennis are always special.  There are packages that satisfy needs or wants or bips.  There are packages that have old things, new things, unknown things.  But Dennis' packages reek of thought.  They're personal.  They make you feel good inside.  They remind you that some people actually are good people.

I got a package out of the blue (pun intended) the other day and it blue blew me away.  The first thing out of the package was this:

It is easily the most iconic SI from a VT perspective.  It's amazing how much Vick played a role in the current college football landscape.

There was one other SI in the package, too:

This one features Vick's favorite target, Andre Davis.  The two lines at the top, though, seemed to pretty relevant, too.  The "Undoing of Kordell Stewart" played off of the Mr. Electric cover as, for a time, Stewart seemed to be the too-early revolution at the QB position.  Then there's the "Unveiling of Lamar Odom" which is currently relevant in an almost eerie way.

I'm hoping to frame these and hang them in my Hokie room.

He also sent some Hokie cards:

Jimmy Williams, featuring his J-Dubb signature

I don't have many Chancellor cards, so I'm thrilled to get one.  He is easily the best player on the Seahawks.

Tyrod has certainly shown his value this year.  I really hope he keeps it up.

Adibi is one of my all-time favorites.  I also these Prestige cards that have the VT in the foil.  So nice.

And here we have the guy who should still be our basketball coach.  I will never understand why he was fired.  Such a terrible decision.  We are really fortunate to finally have a good coach again in Buzz Williams after the James Johnson disaster.

As usual, Dennis packed the mailer with other great stuff.

A handful of very nice Justin Uptons, including a rare 10th Anniversary Issue Buyback.

I'm a fan of manupatches, as long as they make sense.  This one clearly does, and is a pretty cool addition to the collection.

The last card I'm showing is of a World Series-bound David Wright, complete with oversized toploader:

I;ve been disappointed to not pull a Wright boxloader from my past A&G cases, so I'm happy to get one in a trade.

I'm not worthy of a trade package of this caliber.  I'm not sure I can even muster half the goodness in return.  Thanks, Dennis!