Saturday, February 11, 2012

Crinkly Cards and a Lego Boxer!

Ted of the great blog, Crinkly Wrappers, struck a deal with me for a Lego Minifigure I posted recently.  We traded minifigures, and also traded some cards. I'll show the cards first:

First, some Crinkly Uptons, of the BJ and Justin variety

Some Crinkly VT alumni:

And some Crinkly set needs:

Of course, you came here to see the Crinkly Lego man:

Badass.  That's the one I wanted the most from the set. Thanks, Ted!


moremonkeys138 said...

I'm not sure if you noticed but if you take his headgear of he has another face on the back of his head too. It's a post-fight face!

Dawgbones said...

Hey Spankee, do I spy 2 copies of the Royal Wedding and the Halladay sketch cards... Keep me I mind if they are Available.