Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Fortnight of 2012 Topps: Day 14

Hooray, we're finally there! 

Today, I just want to recap the last 13 posts.

Day 1: My wife surprised me with a bunch of cards shortly after the release.  I opened a hanger pack, a rack pack, and a handful of retail packs.  They're still the only packs I have opened to this point.  I wanted to stay away from new packs until the fortnight was over, to see if I still want to buy.

Day 2: Vertical cards.  The photography has been a hot topic for this year, but I'm not sure why.  I thought the photography was pretty good on average, with many unique shots.  I do think Topps zooms in a bit too much on some action shots.

Day 3: Horizontal cards.   More interesting photos, including the World Series subset.  gotta love the seagulls.

Day 4: The store parallels.  Red for Target, Blue for Wal-Mart and Purple(?) for Toys-R-Us.  I just don't get it.  I don't need to be reminded of where the card came from.  I'd much rather have team color parallels, but I don't see that happening.  That said, I certainly won't avoid collecting the parallels for my PC players.

Day 5: The Gold Parallels.  I'm a fan.

Day 6: Gold Standard.  It's the first insert set I highlighted, and the first one that looks Panini'ed.  I like the foil medallion, but the cards are a little underwhelming. 

Day 7: Golden Moments.  I'm a fan of "Moments" cards. They put you in the game situations, which is always good.  The design is Panini'ed, but not as bad as some.  I tweaked it a little and thought it made it a little better, but the set isn't too bad.

Day 8: Golden Greats.  C'mon Topps, you were almost there on this one.  Get rid of the fade and make the medallion foil.  That makes it a flagship-set-worthy insert.

Day 9: Golden Futures.  I like them, though It's the "Golden" insert set with the least Gold, ironically.

Day 10: Timeless Talents.  Boring and repetitive and boring and repetitive.

Day 11: Classic Walk-Offs. Ugh. Based on the comments, most people seem to agree that this insert was the biggest failure.  The auto-patch variation is fantastic, but at 10 copies apiece, that doesn't fully justify the design.

Day 12: '87 Minis.  Follow the worst insert set with the best.  I'm a fan of these because the cards backs just felt right.  They'll make good trade bait.

Day 13:  Golden Giveaway.  Topps is showing that the momentum of the Million Card Giveaway and the Diamond Giveaway can, in fact, die a slow death.  There are far fewer real cards that can be redeemed, making most code cards just a dummy card.

Day 14: Hey, that's today.

My thoughts on the set as a whole:
I'm a low-budget collector, so I likely won't get to appreciate the auto/relic/patch/etc. designs in person.  There are some great higher-end cards in the flagship set, but that isn't what it should be all about.  The pin cards look great, as do the rings, and I like the blaster patches that I've seen. 

The set doesn't blow me away, but I rarely expect the flagship set to do so.  My PC players don't have a ton of cards in the set and insert sets, so I won't be buying a ton trying to find many.  This set will still be like any other flagship set for me, though.  I will continue to put retail packs and rack packs in my cart from time to time, to quench the thirst of opening packs. 

I hope you enjoyed this fortnight of 2012 Topps.  I may have to do the same with some other sets. 

I do have one request.  I desperately want 2 cards from 2012 Topps that I don't have yet.  #'s 3 and 139.  The first is for my Topps #3 collection.  The second is the Scott Sizemore card.  While I'm on Scott Sizemore, I also need his 2011 Topps Update card #111.  I don't think 3 base cards is unreasonable.  I have 2012 Topps to trade.

As for other happenings during this fortnight,
I surpassed 100 followers, 450 posts, 1,000 comments, and 50,000 pageviews.  You guys left 26 comments on the first 11 posts, which I greatly appreciate.  I'm currently on pace to surpass my record for most posts in one month.  I owe my motivation to all of you who read this. 

The purpose I have always had for this blog is for it to be a welcome diversion for both myself and anyone else who may need or want it.  Right now, I need it more than ever.  I have high hopes for the rest of this year, and plan to continue having "series" posts like this fortnight, the super bowl countdown, and the Christmas posts.

Thanks for reading!


Kev said...

i think i said this a few days ago, but it feels appropriate to reiterate it now... great job with this series! i enjoyed it every day - it made me look at each aspect of the flagship in an interesting and different (and critical) way - and i think that's great for a new-ish collector like me. and i don't mean critical as in "negative" - i simply mean you made me look much more closely at things i just casually appreciated.

Play at the Plate said...

I have to catch up on a couple, but congrats on a nice run and hitting some milestones too!

Anonymous said...

hi cardboard mistress
i have # 3 (garcia) and #139 (sizemore) for you
email me your address
i love the blog
thanks for writing it