Friday, September 30, 2016

Ginter Smiles

I was cleaning out the video camera card recently and came across a series of curious still frames that caught my attention.  Our video camera will occasionally take automatic still frames when it detects a smile.  As it turns out, it can also detect smiles on cards.  As I was recording my Gint-A-Cuffs videos, it took these still frames:

Hannah Storm.  I'd say that's a high-quality smile.  Great job, camera!  Andrew Miller is not impressed.

I'll assume it focused on Steve Kerr's smile. Carl Edwards, Jr and Ryan Weber need to lighten the hell up.  LeBron is king.

Mesoraco is skeptical, and Garneau can't even look.  LA Mayor Eric Garcetti is happy as a clam, though.

Hakuna Machado!  Odorizzi has worries.

I have to say, I'm pretty damn impressed with the smile-detection technology.  Jill Martin is a great selection (Google Image Search and you're welcome)  Bonus points for Joe Morgan photobomb.

Not sure whether Rendon or Raiola triggered the camera, but I can guarantee it wasn't Kepler.

If you film it, he will smile.  And it has a picture of a video camera on it.  It's handycamception!

Yes, Kevin Pillar, I'm aware that was a stupid joke.  Either the camera thought Dwier Brown's smile was doubly good, or it was just trolling me.

Mr. Sklar (Yes I said "Mr." because I'm not sure whether that is Chico or Harpo) is kinda smiling.  Gio is definitely smiling.  As for Kilroy Bench, we may never know.

These card pictures were just a small portion of the pictures that were in the smile folder.  The vast majority were pictures of my daughter smiling, which means it was the cutest damn folder of pictures ever.  Seriously, is there anything better than stumbling upon a folder full of smiles?