Sunday, October 26, 2014

NFL Score Streak: Week 8

Lions and Titans and Broncos, oh my!

I'm surprised we haven't had a week where all teams advanced.  Is this the time?

DENVER BRONCOS - Peyton for the Broncos...version 2008.

DETROIT LIONS - Now this is a statement if I've ever seen one.

TENNESSEE TITANS - Eliminated - The Titans just couldn't hang on any longer.

So, with that, we're down to just the Broncos and Lions.  Unfortunately for the Broncos, they are on the hot seat as the Lions have a bye in Week 9. The good news is Week 9 features a 52-card pack.  The Titans would have had a bye in week 9 had they survived.

Here's the rest of the cards:

Haha, Eli showing up after he's eliminated.  Eli gets picked off more than an acne scab on a teenager.  You don't have to worry about Eli coming out of the closet because he always gives it up to the other team.  Seriously, he's screwed more giants than Hagrid.  

Anyway, see you next week.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

NFL Score Streak: Week 7

We're down to the final four,
so it's time for more Score,
today's cards from 2008,
Which teams will be great?

Let's do this!

DENVER BRONCOS - Woohoo, Bly is a 757 guy. Chesapeake, represent!

DETROIT LIONS - The Furrey Lion saves them just as he did in Week 5!

NEW YORK GIANTS - Elimated - Where were you on this one Eli?

TENNESSEE TITANS - Titans hold on strong!

So, we drop the Giants to leave us with three teams.  The Giants had a bye for Week 8, so they really blew.  Way to go, Eli.

Can't be too many weeks left, right?

Here's a look at the rest of the pack notables:

Glossy Griese.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

NFL Score Streak: Week 6

With only 7 teams remaining, we reach our second 2013 Score rackity packity:

Will more cards translate to more teams moving on? Let's find out:

ARIZONA CARDINALS - Eliminated - Wow, rough start.

CAROLINA PANTHERS - Eliminated - Ouch, two up, two down...unexpected for sure.

DENVER BRONCOS - About time some decided to show up.

DETROIT LIONS - Matt Stafford wanted to make extra sure they moved on.

GREEN BAY PACKERS - Eliminated - Seriously? Three teams on a 52-card week?

NEW YORK GIANTS - Ugh, Eli comes through.  Yuck.

TENNESSEE TITANS - And the Titans move on as well.

So, that was a little shocking.  We lost 3 of 7 teams leaving us with a final four of Broncos, Lions, Giants, and Titans.  

Let's look at the other notable cards from the pack:

Not notable to you, maybe, but notable to me.

JJ Watt is a stud.

Ravens.  Meh.

Love the design, but the images leave something to be desired.  Oh well.

See you next week!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

NFL Score Streak: Week 5

Alrighty then, we're down to the elite 8.

2008 Jumbo.  32 Cards.  Let's do it.



DENVER BRONCOS - Imaginary Bonus Points for a Hokie rookie I needed!


GREEN BAY PACKERS - That Jordy Nelson Gold Zone is gorgeous (#/400)

NEW YORK GIANTS - A helmet catch saves the Giants!



So, we only lose 1 team this week, and we're down to the lucky 7.

Here's a look at other notable cards from the pack:

I'm guessing Greer is glossy and that's why I scanned it.  

Sunday, September 28, 2014

NFL Score Streak: Week 4

We're down to single digits with 9 teams remaining.  Of the remaining teams, the Broncos and Cardinals have byes this week, so they are automatically through to Week 5.  Congratulations.

ARIZONA CARDINALS - No cards, but saved by the BYE!



DENVER BRONCOS - No cards, but saved by the BYE!





TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS - They don't get 4 cards, but they do get a glossy Griese.


So, the two teams with Bye weeks went cardless, but advance.  I didn't expect that.  That is awesome.  I'm glad I made up that rule.    Sorry Chargers, you're the lone loser this week.

Here are the best of the rest:

Xavier Adibi is one of my all-time VT favorites.  Glad to pick up his RC.

Monday, September 22, 2014

2014 Topps Finest Baseball Hobby Box

So yeah, when I bought the Topps Chrome box I posted yesterday, I also bought a box of Finest.  I'm weak. Again, I sold some of the stuff to offset some of the cost.

All base sold

The design is much closer to 90's Finest than 2000's Finest.  I think that was the point, so job well done.

I feel like the idea of Finest is losing ground with the amount of high end products out there.  It says Finest, but we know it's not the Finest.  I think one good step would be to get rid of regular refractors.  Ok, maybe not get rid of them, but make them the base set.  No more Finest non-refractory base cards.

Then, the X-Fractors would really be something special.

Don't get me wrong, the XFractors are pretty spectacular, but they would be extra special if they were the first level of refractorhood.

Colored refractors are the pseudo-hits in Finest.  The lack of defined borders makes the color tough to decipher, though.  Beltre is Green #/199.  Jeter is Black #/99.  I sold the Jeter, which turned out to be the highest-dollar card in the box. Good timing on that one, too.


Bravo to Topps for not making all of the 1994 Finest cards refractory.  Truth.  I also got a Justin Upton 1994 card, but apparently forgot to scan it.  The Aaron is kinda weird.  Most folks associate "Vintage" in the hobby with old cards, not old players on new cards.  The Sterling doesn't do much for me.  The picture they chose for Jones is awful.  It looks like someone accidentally clicked-and-dragged the image while trying to do something else.  The Warriors die cut is fantastic in every way.  Daddy like.

That leaves the hits:

Yikes.  These were definitely a weak pair of autos.  The Martin is a black refractor #/99, but he's a blah reliever who hasn't cut it in the bigs.  At least the autos are on-card.  That got me pumped for Finest Football, until I saw the flood of stickers.

Well, that Black Jeter saved this box from being a complete loss.