Saturday, February 25, 2012

eBay purchases for February

I've picked up a number of cheap items this month, and utilized combined shipping to the maximum. 

The first pickup began with a card that I had to buy.  I'm not going to show you what it is, because I'm saving it for another post.  But, since I knew I was getting it, no matter what, I figured it would be a great time to check out some combined options.  I went nuts with this one seller and picked up the following:

He charged $3 for shipping, with no additional charge for multiple auctions.  That's an awesome deal.  All of these cards were under $2 (most were $0.99).  I also won a Joe Mauer 2009 A&G relic ($1.79 before shipping) but the buyer was unable to find it.  He refunded the price of the Mauer AND the total shipping cost. I was amazed.  I'm a big fan of good customer service, and this seller is excellent.  He apologized multiple times for the mixup, even before I realized the Mauer wasn't there.  Check out this seller's stuff.

Another card I picked recently was this Jimmy Williams auto for $1.99 shipped.

I also got this Ernest Wilford auto for $1.26 shipped:

The final Hokie auto I grabbed was this awesome Kevin Jones Bowman Chrome:

I've already got a KJ auto, but I couldn't pass this up for $3.25 shipped. 

I also made some great additions to my Scott Sizemore PC:

Black #14/50, Silver #1/25
You gotta love that the silver is #1/25. 

2010 Topps Chrome Scott Sizemore RC Gold Refractor #25/50
I really need to pick up the Blue and Purple refractors now, since I have also the base, refractor, xfractor, and orange refractor.

I got all of these cards for less than a blaster.  Granted, I had some shipping refunded on one of the orders, but still a damn good deal.

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Dhoff said...

Nice pick-ups. I have to imagine you are the master Scotty Sizemore super collector at this point.