Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ebay Lots

I've picked up a few player lots lately on Ebay for cheap to boost my personal collections, particularly with cards from sets I will likely never buy.  I picked up a couple of lots of BJ Uptons, adding about 40-50 cards for well under 10 bucks. Some of the highlights:

The draft pick card is one I have wanted for a while.  I'm always happy to pick up older A&G since I didn't buy much until 2009.  I like the UD X Xponential inserts, though in 2009 they went a little overboard.  The blue Bowman is a nice numbered pickup (#/520). 

I also picked up a lot of Ryan Zimmermans:

I have never opened any Topps Finest or Bowman's best (except for 1999 Finest) so it's nice to pick up some of those cards.  The '52 RC is cool since I never opened much of that, either.

Last, but certainly not least, I picked up a couple lots of Justin Verlander:

All of these are nice pickups since I didn't really start getting back into cards until 2007, so I am always happy to get some of the players I collect from the earlier years. 

My BJ Upton collection is currently at 72 cards, while my Zimmerman collection is nearing the century mark with 92.  My Verlander collection recently hit 100 (including this lot) and now sits at 104.  All of those, however, are chasing my David Wright collection, which is now up to 124.  However, I am most proud of my Scott Sizemore Auto/Relic Collection, which has 7 Autos and 2 Relics. 

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