Monday, October 4, 2010

Dollar Tree Fun: 2009-10 Collector's Choice Hockey

Here is the next-to-last Dollar Tree pack post from my purchase a couple weeks ago.  I have opened maybe two packs of hockey in my entire life, so chances are, I won't have a clue who half of these guys are.  If I know more than half of the guys in this pack, I'll go buy more.  If not, I make no guarantees. 

18 Wojtek Wolski - LW - Avalanche
 - Nope, not a clue. 0-1.

161 Marc Savard - C - Bruins
 - I've heard the name, probably just on ESPN. 1-1.

237 Jhonas Enroth  Choice Rookie - G - Sabres
 - Never heard of him. 1-2, with three cards to go. 

147 Martin Brodeur - G - Devils
 - Of course I've heard of him, who hasn't. 2-2.

146 Paul Martin Choice Reserve Parallel - D - Devils
 - I got nothing. 2-3, not looking good.

SU28 Roberto Luongo StickUm - G - Canucks
 - Yes, I have heard of him.  Damn Sportscenter and the 2010 Olympics.  3-3, ok so not more than half, but the Luongo StickUm is pretty I'll consider buying another Hockey pack before the end of the year.

Well, I had low expectations, so the pack wasn't a disappointment.

Anyway, I have one pack left, and in my last post I guaranteed a hit, so be sure to come back.

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