Saturday, October 2, 2010

Free Contest Time

Tomorrow is my birthday, so in honor of me, I'll give away some cards.  On a side note, what are the chances that I would google "baseball birthday cake" and find a picture of a baseball birthday cake with my name and favorite number on it? Anyway, back to the free cards.  I'm having a contest challenging you to guess who will hit the final homerun of the playoffs and who will pitch the last strikeout of the playoffs.  If you correctly guess, you will get a reasonably good card of the player you guessed.

Perhaps you think Jeter will jack the last HR, you could get this card:

Or maybe you prefer Ryan Howard?

For the last strikeout, maybe you think Sabathia pulls out a World Series gem?

Or does the postseason save king come in for a K?

For details and to enter, go here: 2010 MLB Playoff Contest, or click the page link on the sidebar.  Feel free to spread the word.


Anonymous said...

Carl Crawford..... and David Price
Go Rays!!

Anonymous said...

By the way i have cards you want!! Like a hand numbered Scott Sizemore 2010 A&G...
Get at me!

AdamE said...

HR = Palonco
K = Riviera

Play at the Plate said...

Josh Hamilton and Neftali Feliz.

A boy can dream right?