Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010 Topps Platinum Football Retail

Ok, so I opened two retail packs of 2010 Topps Platinum Football a while back and I've been so slow with my posts, that I just now got to it.  As for my backlogged posts, I have a few trade packages that I really need to post, especially before the next round of packages start arriving.  I also have a bunch of random packs I need to post, such as 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball, 1999 MLS, 2008 Sage Hit, 1999 Omega Baseball, 1999 Finest Baseball, 2008 Topps Chrome Baseball...and the list goes on...Oh, I also have some 2008 Press Pass Football and Press Pass SE football to post, in which one of the cards is a huge kick in the face from the cardboard gods...so you won't want to miss that.  Of course, at my pace, that post probably wont come around until 2012, and the world is supposed to end that year anyway. 

Oh well, back to the 2010 Platinum in the boring packaging.  I was very disappointed in Topps for the retail packaging showing quite obviously 4-5 thick packs per box with the remaining packs being thin.  Needless to say, by now, all of the thick packs have been bought from Target, leaving a ton of thin packs.  Of course, autos aren't thick variations, but seeing as some people have pulled patch autos from retail, I would say that  going with the thick packs was pretty obvious, especially given the thick rookie variations.  I picked up one thick pack and one thin pack, just for good measure.  All I ever get with thick packs is a huge chunk of blank filler cardboard anyway, never one of those M@$$IV3 M0J0 H1TZ that I see everyone else get.   

Pack 1:

112 Taylor Price RC (a third rounder with 0 receptions this year)
92 Ed Reed (the beast-man)
149 Wes Welker (ooh lucky me, two Pats WRs in one pack, at least this one has caught some balls this year)
5 Eddie Royal (now that's more like, an awesome Hokie for the PC)

Pack 2:
129 Ryan Grant (out for the season)
65 Dezmon Briscoe RC Variation (yay a thick card of a 6th rounder who was dropped by the Bengals and now is on the Tampa Bay practice squad)
138 John Skelton RC (5th rounder who is currently 3rd on the depth chart for the Cardinals)
155 Sidney Rice (recovering from surgery...maybe back in late November)

Sidney Rice is nice, but really, this pack just sucked.  Aside from the Eddie Royal, these cards are available.  I don't plan on buying anymore Platinum because I just really wasn't impressed. 

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TJ said...

I'd like those Patriots. I'll see what I have tonight that you might be interested in.