Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Craptastic Blaster

A while back, I opened a 2009 A Piece of History blaster that was discounted at Wal-Mart, and in the post I mentioned that I bought another one that was terrible.  Well, here it is.  Well, the base cards didn't yield ANYTHING from my want list, so I'll start with the red parallels.  I don't really care for the red parallels in this set, since they are unnumbered, but at least they aren't one per pack.  The two I got here:

A freshly free-agented pitcher and a guy who left the majors for the Japanese League.  And yes, I find it hilarious that he is on the Swallows.  Nothing special here.  Maybe I'll get some great UD 20th Anniversary cards that I don't want...

Ok ok, so I can't complain about the Tiger, but a Dow Jones card? Really?  Sucktacular...
Well, maybe the guaranteed hit will be something nice...

I would rather have a white or gray jersey card than a Padres tan/brown swatch - especially when the card has Young in a nice blue jersey. Just not an exciting card.
So, with the non-base cards not blowing up my skirt, I am already somewhat unhappy with the blaster.  Well, upon further inspection, the base cards crapped in my hands.  If you don't know anything about APOH, it consists of 100 base cards, 50 rookies, and 50 history cards.  For lack of a better term, the Rookies and History cards are short-printed.  A few of the rookies I got:

Seriously, 35 cards in a blaster and I got a double and triple rookies.  As if it couldn't get worse, each rookie had a corresponding history card:

Awesome.  On top of it, none of those RCs or history cards were ones I needed.  In fact, I already had trips of all of them. 

I did get two more of these blasters for my birthday a week ago, but I probably won't post them.  The highlights were a Jordan UD 20th Anniv, a Griffey UD 20th Anniv, a Joey Votto Timeless Moments #524/999, a Roy Halladay Franchise History Jersey, and a Carlos Delgado Box Score Memories Jersey (yes, the same exact thing I just traded to BA Benny a few weeks ago).

Again, if anyone is looking for anything from this set, let me know.


BA Benny said...

Ouch! Don't worry, the tide must turn so the next box or blaster will make up for it.

madding said...

If off the off-chance you have any red Cardinals parallels (or any non-base Cardinals from this set), then count me as interested. This is one set I don't think I bought more than one pack of, if that.