Friday, October 1, 2010

Dollar Tree Fun: 2010 Greats of the Game Basketball

This is the second installment of cards I got at the Dollar Tree, and the first basketball cards I have opened in a while.  I love football cards of college players, so I'm sure I'll dig the basketball version.  On to the cards:

85 Mateen Cleaves, G, Michigan State
 - I still remember watching the National Championship in 2000 when MSU won.  That team was nasty: Cleaves, Mo Pete, AJ Granger, Charlie Bell...and of course they had Tom Izzo, who is one of the all-time great basketball coaches.

14 Clyde Lovellette, C/F, Kansas
 - Lovellette was drafted in 1952 after leading Kansas to a NC, and that is about all I know about him.

28 Adrian Dantley, F/G, Notre Dame
 - Dantley was a two-time All-American before going on to a Hall of Fame NBA career.

138 Banner Seasons - Adrian Dantley and Bill Laimbeer, Notre Dame
 - Dantley hot pack...this card is cool though, as it commemorates the accomplishments of two players in Notre Dame's history: Adrian Dantley, the 1976 Nat'l POY, and Bill Laimbeer who took the Irish to the Final Four in 1978.

71 Moses Malone, C/F, Petersburg High School
 - This card is by far my favorite, mainly because he's a VA guy and I've been to Petersburg a ton of times.  Not only that, but the pose is awesome, not to mention he is one of the all-time NBA greats.  Malone helped pave the way for high school stars making the NBA jump, such as Kobe, LeBron, and KG.

I definitely dig these cards.  The Malone is awesome, and I wouldn't mind getting the MJ from this set.

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