Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2010 NBA Opening Night

To celebrate tonight's first NBA games, I figured I'd make a post of my recent basketball packs.  When I broke from baseball collecting in the mid 90s, I picked up basketball until the early 2000s.  I then took a break from all collecting, as a poor high school and college student.  Since about 2006, I've gotten back into baseball heavily, football partially, and basketball only slightly.  I found a few cheap packs of basketball at Target, K-Mart, and the Dollar treat not too long ago, so this is my NBA opening night tribute. 

3 Packs of 2006-07 Topps Turkey Red:
Pack 1:
JR Smith
Sean May
David West
Hedo Turkoglu
Leon Powe RC
LaMarcus Aldridge RC Red

Pack 2:
Shannon Brown RC
Rasheed Wallace
Allan Ray RC
Shelden Williams RC
Anderson Varejao
Martell Wester Red

Pack 3:
Ryan Hollins RC
Promoz Brezec
Richard Jefferson
Wilt Chamberlain
Oscar Robertson (gotta love the Big O and Wilt)
Luke Ridnour Red

2007-08 Hot Prospects:Mehmet Okur
Caron Butler
Richard Hamilton
BJ Armstrong Stat Tracker .451 3FG% Postseason (not BJ Armstrong really should be in an insert set, but .451 is pretty nasty for the postseason.  Another one of the little guys that helped MJ win 6.

2008-09 Fleer:JR Smith
Jason Terry
Josh Howard
Zach Randolph
Alonzo Mourning (a good local guy.  He was a monster at Indian River High School)
Glen Davis
Stephon Marbury
DJ Augustin FY Phenoms

2008-09 MVP:Marcus Camby
Adam Morrison (yeah, he really panned out)
Martell Webster
Francisco Garcia
LeBron James (getting kind of tired of everyone acting like he did some horrible thing.  He left an organization that didn't appreciate him to go play with his friends.  Man, what a terrible person)
Zach Randolph Team MVP
Darrell Arthur RC Silver Script
Scottie Pippen MVP Legends (Scottie was the man.)

2010 Greats of the Game:
Darrell Griffith - Lousville
Danny Ferry - Duke
Christian Laettner - Duke (one of the greatest college basketball players of all time.  Just didn't translate to the NBA though)
UCLA Banner Seasons - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Walton
Michael Jordan - UNC (who doesn't love an MJ)

Not bad for a few cheap packs.  I can't wait for the NBA this year.  I really hope LeBron and Co. take down the Lakers.  At the least, it would make for a really exciting finals.

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