Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ebay pickups: Sizemore and Wright

Here are a few of my latest cheapo ebay pickups for my PC. 

A nice Sizemore Futures Game Jumbo Jersey #045/139

A Sizemore Tristar Obak Auto #14/75, the only Obak I have other than the Burdicks I just picked up 

And a really nice Sizemore Topps 206 Framed Auto

I'm putting together a nice Sizemore auto collection, but my base/parallel/insert collection sucks with the exception of 2010 Bowman.  I've also picked up a 2010 Topps Chrome Sizemore Auto, but haven't scanned it yet.

I also snagged a couple of nice David Wright cards for really cheap: a nice sterling bat and a refractor

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BA Benny said...

Great Looking Stuff! Nice Score!