Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trade with Too Many Grandersons

CalJr3000 of Too Many Grandersons recently posted his end of our awesome trade.  What started out as a request for some 1999 Finest Ripkens, quickly escalated to a multisport, big time trade.  I sent him some Ripkens, a couple Gwynns, and a big stack of Michigan Wolverines and he sent be a bunch of the player I collect and a big stack of Hokies.  The highlights:

A nice numbered blue Kevin Jones, an intimidating Vick, and a sweet Eddie Royal with a VT helment in a Senior Bowl Jersey.  Strangely, I used to be a huge Vick/Falcons fan until everything went down a few years ago, yet I didn't have any Vick cards until I started this blog. 

A couple of numbered Zimmermans.

A BJ Upton numbered to 200, and an awesome Justin Upton Bowman Chrome RC Refractor.

A 2002 Bowman Draft BJ Upton RC that I really wanted.

A few David Wrights I needed

I love that propaganda poster.
The diamond of the trade, for me, was a card I have wanted for a very long time.  2002 Bowman David Wright RC.

That card is just incredible.  When I get a chance to update my Top Ten, look for this card to enter somewhere in the top 5. 

Just an awesome trade.  A lot of great cards changed hands, and I couldn't be any more pleased.

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