Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trade with Ryan's Memorabilia Blog

Well, call it a new record: I got these cards yesterday, and am posting them only 1 day later.  For me, that's like an improvement of 2-3 weeks over my previous fastest turnaround. This trade package came courtesy of Ryan's Memorabilia Blog, in return for some Ripkens, Markakiseseseses, Robertseseses and a few other random O's.  This trade started with me coming across his third trade bait post and finding a Brandon Flowers jersey card I really liked.

I haven't seen too many jersey cards of Hokies in their VT jerseys, and I love that the card has the silver VT logo on it.  It is serial numbered on the back #22/75.  As I went back and browsed the first and second trade bait posts, I found a couple of nice N43s of David Wright and Ryan Zimmerman.  I had never come across any N43s, so I jumped on them as soon as I could.  These are some awesome looking cards, though I am not sure where to put them because of the odd size.

In addition to those cards, a load of 2008 Masterpieces and 2009 A&G National Pride were included, as well as a few nice Wrights and Zims.

I needed all 3 of those, and that Zim Masterpiece is just plain awesome.  Thanks for a great trade!

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Glad you like them!