Thursday, October 21, 2010

Topps Chrome Baseball Retail Math

Ok, so choosing what cards to buy isn't rocket science.  In my personal experience, I can tell you it is much harder.  I can't tell you how many times I've stood in Wal-Mart or Target for 20 minutes at a time just staring and trying to figure out what I want.  Last night, we went to a Wal-Mart I don't get to a lot over by my parents' house, so I had a fresh set of rack packs, gravity feeds, and blasters to search through.  I noticed that, at the bottom next to the blasters, was a row of plastic containers holding full 24-pack 2010 Topps Retail Boxes, at a price of $72.  Now, maybe I am missing something, but let's do some math.

Retail Box
$72 / 24 packs = $3.00 per pack

Retail Rack Pack
$9 / 3 packs = $3.00 per pack (not to mention the orange refractors)

$20 / 8 packs = $2.50 per pack

For an even playing field, say you want 24 packs of cards:
Retail Box: 1 x $72 = $72
Retail Racks: 24/3=8, 8 x $9 = $72, plus you end up with 24 orange refractors
Blaster: 24/8=3, $3x20 = $60

Can somebody explain to me why you would buy one of the retail boxes when 3 blasters is cheaper and 8 rack packs are the same price but you get 24 bonus orange refractors.  Am I completely missing something?

As far as what I have bought thus far:  I bought one rack pack from Wal-Mart and one hobby pack from a card show before last night.  Last night I originally wasn't going to buy anything, until I noticed that the first rack pack was showing the first orange refractor, much like this Peyton Manning.  Well, the card read Scott Sizemore, so I grabbed it.  Hopefully I'll post my chrome purchases soon, but who knows, I suck at getting things scanned and posted in a timely fact I'm pretty sure Too Many Grandersons and e rayhahn rayhahn would like for me to reciprocate with trade posts before the new year.

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cynicalbuddha said...

Retail is the way to go with Chrome this year. Not only that but this years hobby chrome products, from personal experience and everything I've read on the blogs and message boards is plaqued with missing cards, defects, smudged autographs. And I know for a fact you can pull colored refractors and autos out of the rack packs, I got a Ben Tate auto out of one and a blue refractor. And the orange refractors are nice, I love the color. And you get xfractors from retail only. I bought a box of baseball and a handful of chrome from the hobby shops in town and been very disappointed, especially with my refractors. I pull on average at least 2 refractors a rack pack and you get 3 orangies. Now the only problem is rack packs are hard to find. I expect hobby chrome to be under 45 bucks here real quick just to get it off the shelves. Is there anything special in the blasters? I haven't bought any this year so I don't know if they had a special insert like regular topps has those patch cards.