Friday, October 15, 2010

2005 Pros and Prospects

I'm sure I'll get around to scanning and posting some newer stuff, but in the mean time, I'll at least try to post something.  I bought a pack of 2005 Pros and Prospects at Traget recently (and I've bought a few more since) and wanted to post the results.  I'm not a huge fan of this set after opening this pack, but I did get an auto, so I can't complain about a $1.59 pack with a hit.  This is, I think, my 5th Target $1.59 pack with an auto, all-time.  I got a 2008 Stadium Longoria RC AU a while back, a Brandon Phillips that I posted about, a Jason Bartlett, and at least one from and old Bowman pack.  Combine that with a few relic cards, and I've done considerably well with the bargain cards at Target. 

Anyway, back to the pack.  The base cards weren't very exciting, but I did get a Tier 1 Chris Chelton Prospect Futures card #'ed to 999.  The really wierd thing about this card is that it is about a millimeter taller and wider than all of the base cards...not sure how that happens, but it did. 

As for the auto I mentioned, it's Akinor Otsuka, a Japanese player who was a set-up man for the Padres and later the Rangers.  He seemed to be doing decent, until arm issues forced him to the DL and he was eventually dropped.  I'm actually surprised he hasn't made a comeback somewhere.

It's a nice looking card and auto, but I really have no connection to it.  Both of these cards are available, and if anyone is looking to complete the base set, I can check to see if I have any of your needs.

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Anonymous said...

When Otsuka, Linebrink and Hoffman were anchoring the Padres bullpen, that was a tough threesome. Kind of like the threesome they have now.

I think Otsuka's arm melted, or something, or perhaps he got too close to Morimoto's knives, perhaps.

"The secret ingredient is....flexor tendon!"