Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Trade" with Collective Troll

Collective Troll posted a "trade" we recently made.  He sent me a stack of Space Shots packs since he remembered that I posted on Play at the Plate's blog that I liked those cards since I am a NASA guy. 

He didn't ask for anything in return, but I am not allowed to accept gifts, so I made it into a trade by sending him some cards I thought he would like.  I also threw in a NASA meatball sticker and a NASA pen for good measure. He included some random old packs: 2 1995 Bazooka and 2 1989 Topps American Baseball (slightly mini cards). 

Very cool!  I love the mini-ish Topps cards, and picking up a Ripken is always nice.  One of the Bazooka cards made me think of BA Benny's suggestions for strange collections:

Anyone have a sunflower seed card collection?
The highlight of the surprises was definitely the bazooka gum...

I am sure it was pink and soft at some point...I remember being a little kid at my brother's little league games and exploring under the bleachers to find lost nickels to go buy bazooka gum to try and collect the full 50 comic set.

As a kid, these were hilarious.  Just one of the many collections I wish I still had.

As for the Space Shots packs, I intend to rip those in my first ever live pack break.  I would LOVE to have the live break take place on site at NASA, just for the coolness/nerdiness it would add.  However, I am currently checking with the ethics officials to see if I am ethically permitted to do such a thing. Seriously.  My wife wouldn't be too happy if I lost my job because of some cards with ugly Russian astronaut chicks on them.

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Collective Troll said...

Hot, ugly, its all subjective...
I am sure SOMEONE collects sunflower seed cards... I collect cards with microphones and sombreros. Spastik Mooss collects cards featuring cups. We are an odd breed.
I never collected all 50 comics, but I did try. I remember having a box FULL of them with a bunch of dupes. Never did find another kid who collected them. Cheers! and thanks for "trade".