Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1999 Topps Finest Series 1

I picked up two packs of 1999 Finest Series 1 during my card shop trip the other day, because I love to open packs from the period of 1995-2005 when I didn't open much baseball.  I only opened a little bit of basketball in the late '90s, so I'm trying to at least get a feel for that time period.  I don't have a huge interest in it though, since my collecting targets are all current players.  

Pack 1:
Kevin Young, Dante Bichette, Robb Nen, Cal Ripken, Bartolo Colon, Eric Chavez Sensations.
Not much besides the Ripken, which is always nice to get.  Eric Chavez was awfully hyped back then, but I can't say I was super thrilled with the Sensations card.

Pack 2:

Darryl Strawberry, Greg Vaughn, Mark Grace, Tino Martinez, Jim Thome, Cal Ripken Gems
Now that's more like it.  This would have been a pretty sick pack to open in the '90s.  2 packs, 2 Ripkens, gotta love that.  I should note that failed to mention Jim Thome in my 600 Club post as a possible future member.  He wasn't doing much at the time, but lately he's been tearing it up and should reach the plateau. 

Some good names and you can't beat a pair of Ripkens for just a couple of bucks.

All of these are available for trade.

Keep an eye out for Series 2...


caljr3000 said...

I wouldn't mind getting those Ripkens from you. I have some stuff you might like (Hokies, Wright and the Uptons), so hit me up at my gmail address, CalJr3000 and maybe we can work out a trade

BA Benny said...

Sorry for the mix up on the trade post. I have posted a correction. I would surely be interested in the Yankees cards (where are the Mets?) if you could set them aside til our next trade.

Anonymous said...

Can't complain about that.

Chris Harris said...

What's your e-mail address. I have some stuff for you.