Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dollar Tree Fun: 2009 Upper Deck NFL Draft

Alright, here's the last pack from my Dollar Tree trip a while back.  I started with college football, so I'll end with college football. 

79 Devin Moore, RB, Wyoming, Undrafted
 - Wow, start off Draft Edition with an undrafted player...sounds like a UD failure to me.  He's currently the 4th-string RB for the Colts with season stats of 2 carries for -2 yards. Sweet.

9 Jason Smith, OT, Baylor, Round 1, Pick 2, Rams
 - Good recovery UD, coming back with the number 2 pick as the number 2 card.  Currently the starting RT for the Rams

126 Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest, Round 1, Pick 4, Seahawks
 - Nice, another top 5 guy and an ACC alum at that.  Currently a starting LB for the Seahawks

200 Draft History: Donovan McNabb, QB, Syracuse, 1999 Round 1, Pick 2, Eagles
 - Starter for the Redskins...which is still wierd.

299 Draft Class 2006: Jay Cutler (11th), Devin Hester (57th), AJ Hawk (5th).
 - Pretty rare to find a card with three guys drafted the same year where all three are still productive members of the NFL.

And now, the hit that I guaranteed:

That's right, that's my second Dollar Tree auto all-time (joining my 2008 UD X Frank Catalanotto). 

Xavier Fulton, OT, Illinois, Round 5, Pick 155, Buccaneers
 - Practice squad player for the Colts.  Not a great auto, but an auto in a dollar pack nonetheless.

Well, that does it for the Dollar Tree packs.  Not bad pickups, and an auto to boot (any Illini fans want the auto?).  I might just have to buy some more Dollar Tree cards, especially since they have college football.


dodgerbobble said...

A hit a Dollar Tree? OK, I am picking up some packs this week.

madding said...

Congrats! (Also... wow... Frank Catalanotto? Talk about Upper Deck hitting rock bottom.)