Monday, October 11, 2010

Playoffs Contest Update: Reds go home

Well, I have a huge backlog of posts to make, including some great trades, but for now I'll just update the contest with the Reds heading home.

The newest losers are:

Jay Bruce (tomsuzuki00723)

none (though dayf picked Billy Wagner whose career is pretty much over, but we'll keep him in the list anyway)

Well, only one Red was picked, so not too much damage yet, though the Rays-Rangers and Giants-Braves games look to really shake things up. Still no bonus prizes have been awarded, but we could see a dramatic game 5 moment tomorrow night.

Still active (10/11 2:43 PM):

Evan Longoria (Dan)
Mark Teixeira (BA Benny)
Jorge Posada (mmosley)
Carl Crawford (wickedortega)
Ryan Howard (Steve D)
Placido Polanco (AdamE)
Josh Hamilton (Play at the Plate)
Chase Utley (cubsfan731)
Carlos Pena (dayf)
Jayson Werth (Ryan aka Orioles Magic)
Jason Heyward (Dustin)
Shane Victorino (madding)
Robinson Cano (Bo)

Brad Lidge (Dan)
Mariano Rivera (BA Benny)
Ryan Madson (mmosley)
David Price (wickedortega)
Rafael Soriano (Steve D)
Kerry Wood (AdamE)
Brian Wilson (tomsuzuki00723)
Neftali Feliz (Play at the Plate)
CC Sabathia (cubsfan731)
Tim Hudson (Mariner1)
Billy Wagner (dayf)
Grant Balfour (Ryan aka Orioles Magic)
David Robertson (madding)
Joba Chamberlain (Bo)

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