Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2010 Playoffs Contest: Last Call

As of this morning I've gotten 14 1/2 entries for the Playoffs Contest, with just a few hours left to enter (still waiting on Dustin to pick a different pitcher this morning). 

Since the first game is 1:37 pm today, that will be the close of entries.

I expected more Yankees hitters to have been taken at this point, but it appears that the Phillies seem to be the popular HR pick.  Not surprisingly, closers have been popular picks for the final SO, with 7 of 8 being taken already (Cordero for Cincy is still available). Some of the more popular starters have been chosen, along with a reliever or two.  There are still a ton of good players left - Votto, Jeter, Cano, A-Rod, Posey, Upton, Cruz, etc.  And of course, there are still some good pitchers out there, too.  Lincecum, anyone?

Leave me a comment below or on the Playoffs Contest page to enter.

Entries so far (10/6 7:37 AM):

Evan Longoria (Dan)
Mark Teixeira (BA Benny)
Jorge Posada (mmosley)
Carl Crawford (wickedortega)
Ryan Howard (Steve D)
Placido Polanco (AdamE)
Jay Bruce (tomsuzuki00723)
Josh Hamilton (Play at the Plate)
Chase Utley (cubsfan731)
Joe Mauer (Mariner1)
Delmon Young (mmmrhubarb)
Carlos Pena (dayf)
Jayson Werth (Ryan aka Orioles Magic)
Jason Heyward (Dustin)
Shane Victorino (madding)

Brad Lidge (Dan)
Mariano Rivera (BA Benny)
Ryan Madson (mmosley)
David Price (wickedortega)
Rafael Soriano (Steve D)
Kerry Wood (AdamE)
Brian Wilson (tomsuzuki00723)
Neftali Feliz (Play at the Plate)
CC Sabathia (cubsfan731)
Tim Hudson (Mariner1)
Matt Capps (mmmrhubarb)
Billy Wagner (dayf)
Grant Balfour (Ryan aka Orioles Magic)
David Robertson (madding)

For those of you who haven't been tracking the playoff teams, here is the freshly set playoff schedule

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Bo said...

Mariano Rivera - SO
Robinson Cano - HR

11 minutes to spare!