Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trade with Stale Gum

I have a huge backlog of posts to make, but I really need to get some trade posts up here.  I'll start with my trade with Chris at Stale Gum.  I sent him a number of Topps and Bowman cards from his 2005-2010 want lists, along with a sheet worth of "COLLECT" stickers at his request.  I was excited about getting his mailer because I really didn't know what I would be getting.  He said it would have a few VT alums and didn't give me too many other hints, so I was really surprised.  

He did come through with a number of Hokie cards, including some Topps Unique and Topps Magic

I'll show a couple of the Topps Magic backs, because I liked the questions on them

The one on the right: "Which Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive end is VT's all-time sacks leader?" 
>>>Easy.  Bruce Smith.
The one on the left: "Which current pro DE also graduated from Deep Creek High and followed DeAngelo to Blacksburg?"
>>>I have an unfair advantage on this one.  It's Darryl Tapp.  I know that because my cousin was the Defensive Coordinator for Deep Creek when they had Hall and Tapp, along with James Anderson, Vegas Robinson, Chris Clifton, and Josh Hyman who also went to VT.  I also had the pleasure of being a student at the time they were there, and got to see them play on multiple occasions.

My favorite VT card of the lot, though, is one of the many Eddie Royals he sent

On the baseball side of things, Chris certainly didn't disappoint

Bowman goodness including a sweet Sizemore auto that completely surprised me.  He also decided that he should send along some 1987 Topps Galarragas, including an auto. 

Ok ok, so it's not a Galarraga auto.  It's a Chris Harris original 1/1.  I thought that with his standing as a big dog in the hobby blogger park that he wouldn't go with a sticker auto.  But, it was free, so if I get cold this winter, at least the sticker will make the card burn longer.

In exchange for the "COLLECT" stickers, he returned some Burdick Posse stickers and a BaseballCardPedia card.
Great trade.  Big thanks Chris, we'll have to do it again sometime. 

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