Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 MLB Playoffs Contest Update

With the Rangers playing the Giants in the World Series, the 2010 MLB Playoffs Contest got really slimmed down.  With the knockout of the Yankees and Phillies, the following people lost players:

Mark Teixeira (BA Benny)
Jorge Posada (mmosley)
Ryan Howard (Steve D)
Placido Polanco (AdamE)
Chase Utley (cubsfan731)
***Jayson Werth (Ryan aka Orioles Magic)
Shane Victorino (madding)
Robinson Cano (Bo)

Brad Lidge (Dan)
Mariano Rivera (BA Benny)
Ryan Madson (mmosley)
Kerry Wood (AdamE)
CC Sabathia (cubsfan731)
David Robertson (madding)
Joba Chamberlain (Bo)

***Technically Jayson Werth hit the latest homerun so far, so Ryan aka Orioles Magic still has a shot, but only if Play at the Plate's Josh Hamilton doesn't hit a homerun.  If Hamilton does hit a homerun in the series, Play at the Plate will win something.  If Hamilton hits the last homerun of the series, Play at the Plate will win something a little better.

As for the Strikeout race, things will be interesting as tomsuzuki has the Giants closer Brian Wilson and Play at the Plate has the Rangers closer Neftali Feliz. As of right now, Brian Wilson recorded the final strikeout of the NLCS.  Good Luck!