Friday, May 18, 2012

What a dumb-ass signature

Every now and then, you see a signature that is really disappointing.  Justin Verlander certinaly fits that bill along with many others.  I recently picked up a Jimmy Williams auto for my VT Hokie collection.  It is my second Jimmy Williams auto.  The first one I picked up had a decent signature, so I didn't really pay attention this most recent time.  I picked up the card in a lot of combined shipping cards for an additional $0.99, so it didn't exactly break the bank.  When I saw it in person, I was very confused by the signature.

I thought, "damn, that looks a lot more like a D than a W".  I figured they may have put the wrong stickers on these.  It wasn't until I looked at other versions on COMC, that I realized he signed these "J. Dubb". Seriously? What a freaking dork.  That's embarassing, really.  On COMC, you can even see he signed one "Da Kid".  The funny thing is that almost every signature looks slightly different.  No consistency on the "D" in Dubb.  Amazing. 

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