Friday, September 24, 2010

2009 A Piece of History Blaster

In the past month, I have purchased a couple blasters of 2009 UD A Piece of History because I want to finish the set, I'm impatient, and Wal-Mart has had a ton of the blasters at 40% off.  I can honestly say one of the blasters was decent, and the other sucked hard.  I'm not talking about that typical blaster experience where you're sitting in the parking lot, opening it, wishing you could un-buy it.  I'm talking about the kind of blaster where, in retrospect, if it were free, it would be overpriced.  I'm talking the kind of blaster that almost kills card collecting for you, because the only thing keeping you around is that maybe, just maybe, Topps will continue to put out excessively-insert-loaded boring products and horrible high-end garbage until MLB is forced to bring back Upper Deck, and you just got an Upper Deck blaster that bent you over and took you to pound town for 12 bucks.  So now that I've built up some suspense, I have to tell you that I won't be posting the craptastic blaster today because I haven't scanned in the crappiness yet.  So I will post the highlights from the decent blaster.

I picked up a couple cards I needed for my set along with a couple of inserts/parallels, and the guaranteed hit:

Cut From the Same Cloth Gold Mark Teixeira / Chipper Jones #61/75 (A sub-100 print run parallel is always nice in APOH.  I have some other Braves inserts from this set, and from others, if anyone is interested in trading)

Red Parallel of the Golden Gate Bridge (not a huge fan of the unnumbered red parallels, especially in the historic events.  I think if you are going to produce a set that has historic events cards, they should be limited to just a base card and at most one parallel at around the 500 print run for people who have some attachment to that particular event)

Upper Deck 20th Anniversary, Cal Ripken Jr (Cal Ripken is the man, so this is a nice card.  I'm glad this is a sports related Anniv. card, because the non-sport events in the Anniv. set suck.  This card is already part of an outgoing trade package.)

Box Score Memories David Ortiz Jersey (could be better, could be worse.  The white jersey is a snooze, and I don't understand the Box Score Memories Jersey line since it is the same as the regular insert, except it doesn't have the box know, the whole point to the insert in the first place.  But, there are worse players to pull than Ortiz.  This is up for trade.)

So, not bad for an APOH blaster, the guaranteed hit was a little dull, but the Gold insert #ed to 75 was nice, and if you are going to get a 20th Anniversary card, who better to pull than Cal.  If anyone else collects APOH, let me know because I have a bunch for trade. 

I hope to scan the crap from the craptacular blaster and get that crap up here soon. 


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