Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trading with BA Benny again...Finally!

BA Benny finally came back, and we just finished our first trade since his absence.  Mike was my first blog trade, ever, so it's always special trading with him. Of course, when he shows off cards like this (on my birthday, no less), I start to lose faith that he has my best interests at heart.

He sent me some BJ Uptons:

And some Justin Uptons:

And some finally-in-the-playoffs Ryan Zimmermans:

At this point, I was trying to think back to what I sent him to see if it was even remotely close to what he sent, but I couldn't remember.

As has been the theme of several trades I've made, the best part was the great BJ:

This is my first buyback auto, and I must say I'm a fan.  I also like that he signed "BJ Upton" over top of the facsimile "Melvin E Upton Jr."

Thanks, Mike!


Dennis said...

Wow, nice! That definitely looks like a haul from a BA Benny package. I really like the buyback auto too.

Meant to ask you if you saw the ESPN the Mag/.com article about Justin Upton? It was actually pretty good since it portrayed him in a good light and made the team look bad for wanting to trade him (which would be hilarious because he's gonna be great wherever he is).

BA Benny said...

I had no idea, Happy Birthday! If If knew I would have still posted the dual patch card, but at least wished you birthday greetings along with it.

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