Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Group Break: Red Sox

Team: Red Sox
Buyer: Kirk

The Red Sox certainly get the award for most variation in card types.  The Sox managed to get a die cut, a mini, a lenticular, a mini-poster and a jumbo card.

I scanned the Prospector's Dream because it is a beautiful card.  The scan really doesn't do it justice.  Topps Gold Label insert are just great cards.

This card came as a bonus (incl. case) in one of the cardrageous boxes.  The reverse side has several more players.  It's a great commemorative card and the case was a nice bonus.

The Red Sox nailed three nice numbered cards:

Purple Refractor #167/700; Retail Ltd #26/85; Franchise History Blue #13/75
The Garciaparra came out of the cardrageous bonus packs and may be a hidden gem.  There aren't many of these Retail Ltd (#/85) cards listed on COMC, ebay, or sportlots.  I couldn't find any other copies of the Nomar anywhere, so that may bode well if Kirk decides to sell it. 

Unfortunately, that's where the Red Sox luck ends as they go without a hit.  I get the feeling something may end up in the package as a bonus.  Really though, the Red Sox did pretty well, especially considering they brought in the second most cards of any team.

Red Sox Totals:
Base: 142
Parallel: 10
Insert: 13
Hits: None

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Kirk Jacobson said...

Thanks again nemesis. I mean Spankee. Lots of different stuff there. Hopefully I can make some money back.