Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Whodunit? Why, it was Bobby Parnell in the Buffet Room with the Dagger

That's right, Bobby Parnell killed Mr. Benny.  My proof.  You might be saying, but he posted something after that, so he can't be dead.  Think again!  It must be a cover up. I know this because why would a Mets fan leave his blog hanging with a Cardinal and an Expo? It just don't add up right!  In the post that killed BA Benny, he mentioned that Parnell would take over as closer with the departure of K-Rod.  Three blown saves later, the dagger has been thrust into Benny's back.  One of those came against the Nationals...or as they once were known...the Expos.  Coincidence? I think not.  BA Benny is more absent from blog posting than the Mets are from the playoff relevance. 

I'm just thankful that, as part of his final wishes, I received this trade package.

  It's fairly obvious this was a cry for help.  I mean, he sent some Nationals (Expos) and some Mets (the team that killed him) and and imploring BJ Upton who is desperately hoping we "catch" the killer.  The clues are all there, people. 

The Nationals (Expos) relic in the middle appears blood-soaked. 

I will not stop until Bobby Parnell is brought to justice! In the name of BA Benny, I will carry on! Wait, there's something else in the package...

I take back everything I said.  BA Benny, you suck

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