Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bowman Chrome Draft...

...does not exist.

It is not a thing.

One of my pet peeves is widespread ignorance.  I absolutely cannot stand when people stick to something that is wrong for the sake of not having to correct it. 

So, I repeat, Bowman Chrome Draft is not a real thing.

I'm talking to you Beckett,


and COMC.

Bowman, Bowman Chrome, and Bowman Draft all exist.

Within Bowman, there are occasionally some Chrome cards, often as autographed parallels.  In Bowman Draft, there are Chrome cards, as well. 

This card,

is 2010 Bowman #199A.  It belongs to the Chrome Autograph subset.  It is a parallel of Scott's base card, #199. 

Drew Storen's 2010 Bowman Chrome card, is NOT #199B, because it is from Bowman Chrome, not Bowman.  You can rip 1,000 boxes of Bowman Chrome, and you will never, ever see the Scott Sizemore card shown above. 

In the Bowman Draft product, Scott has base cards and Chrome parallels.  The Chrome parallels are Bowman Draft cards, not Bowman Chrome Draft.  They can't be Bowman Chrome Draft, because it does not exist. 


hiflew said...

It is amazing how much grief two switched words can cause. I went through the same thing putting my team checklists together.

I actually have mine listed as Bowamn Draft Chrome which seems to be a better name for it.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, I hate Bowman, and I hate Chrome, so yeah.