Thursday, October 18, 2012

Group Break: Mariners

Team: Mariners
Buyer: BA Benny

I assume that, since Mike collects Ichiro, he picked up the Mariners hoping to bolster his collection.  Well, he did just that with several Ichiros falling out of the packs:


Of course, not all of the good cards were Ichiro:

The Felix die cut was a nice surprise in a Chrome value pack.

As for hits, one former Mariner showed up twice:

While another former Mariner showed up once:

You can't go wrong with an Ichiro jersey.  I'm sure Mike will be very pleased that he picked up the Mariners.  This was one of two Archives relics in the break.  I only bought three retail packs and a rack pack, but managed two relics.  Not bad, I say.  For those of you not keeping track, "one of two Archives relics" should have tipped you off that one of the teams not shown yet gets an Archives relic.

Mariners Totals:
Base: 96
Parallel: 7
Insert: 9
Hits: 3 Relics

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BA Benny said...

Most excellent my good man. I couldn't be happier with my M's scores.