Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Group Break: Let's Get Cardrageous!

Hey guys, sorry for the delay.  I had a number of things going on.  My wife was having a baby shower (I also had to finish remodels of the baby room and the upstairs bathroom in time for the inlaws to visit) and I had a birthday (with some new cards to blog about soon!). I also scanned cards for each team to show off in their individual posts (mostly hits and notable cards).  I'm back now and ready to blow through the rest of this break.

Four of these "Cardrageous" blasters were included in the group break.  I picked them up for $5 each at the 5 And Below store.  I have to say, the 75 cards were interesting and random, the 4 packs were meh (UD First Edition, early '90s Fleer/Upper Deck, etc.) and the collector's items were freaking awesome.  As for those collector's items, they were so cool I wanted them to have their own post. 

The first box yielded this sweet Griffey:

It commemorates his 500th homerun and is numbered #1365/1500.  It's an oversized card (4"x6" maybe?).

The second box also produced an oversized commemorative card, only this time it had a nice case:

This Red Sox Championship card is numbered #0049/5000.  Pretty cool pickups for the Reds and Red Sox. 

When I opened the third box, I have to say, I was a bit confused:

I wasn't expecting two team bags to pop out.  However, looking through the cards, I was impressed.  There were tons of inserts and parallels, many of which were numbered.  These included a numbered Babe Ruth, and numbered Ty Cobb, and a sweet Ripken that you will see on the Orioles' post. 

When I opened the last box, I saw a stuffed manila envelope that looked like something from a drug bust.  The contents, however, were not drugs, but cards.  In fact, it was a complete set of 60 cards:

It was a complete set of 1988 Glossy Send-In All-stars.  Instead of breaking the set into teams, I've decided to put it into the unclaimed draft.

Speaking of the unclaimed draft, here are the items/lots available for draft:

a. Lot of 30 Checklists From Break
b. 2009 Bowman World Baseball Classic Shinnosuke Abe
c. 2010 Bowman Chrome USA John Simms and Michael Lorenzen
d. 2009 Bowman Chrome World Baseball Classic Chenhao Li
e. 2009 Bowman Draft WBC Michel Enriquez Base and Chrome
f. Lot of 15 1989 El Paso Diablos Grand Slam Cards
g. 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter #36 Kirk Herbstreit Mini
h. 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Man's Best Friend #MBF2 Dalmatian
i. 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Monsters of the Mesozoic #MM5 Allosaurus
j. Lot of 20 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Inserts
k. 2009 Upper Deck Goudey #256 Paul Pierce Sport Royalty SP
l. 2008 UD A Piece of History Retail Silver #193 International Space Station
m. 2008 UD A Piece of History #191 Nobel Prize
n. 2009 UD A Piece of History #161 D-Day Invasion
o. 2009 UD A Piece of History #197 Republican Party Founded
p. 2008 Upper Deck Goudey #275 Brett Favre Sport Royalty SP
q. 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter #95 Judson Laipply
r. 2011 Topps Opening Day Presidential First Pitch George W. Bush
s. 1985 Topps #403 Cory Snyder OLY RC
t. 2000 Topps Mark McGwire OLY RC Reprint
u. 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter #237 Al Unser, Sr.
v. 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Historical Turning Points "On the Origin of Species"
w. Piece of Gum
x. 1988 Topps Glossy Send-Ins All-Star Complete Set (60 Cards)
y. 2006 Topps United States Constitution Charles Pinckney Constitution

The draft order is:
1  Baltimore Orioles      Carlos
2  Kansas City Royals     Josh
3  Los Angeles Dodgers    Jeroen
4  San Francisco Giants   ARPSmith
5  Cincinnati Reds        Doug

6  Boston Red Sox         Kirk
7  Cleveland Indians      Jason
8  Pittsburgh Pirates     Chris
9  Atlanta Braves         Carlos
10 San Diego Padres       Chris
11 Philadelphia Phillies  Daniel
12 Washington Nationals   Carlos
13 Tampa Bay Rays         Doug
14 St. Louis Cardinals    Madding
15 Los Angeles Angels     Patrick
16 Minnesota Twins        Dawgbones
17 Houston Astros         Dimwit
18 Chicago White Sox      Jeff
19 Toronto Blue Jays      Robert
20 Oakland Athletics      Daniel
21 Seattle Mariners       BA Benny
22 Arizona Diamondbacks   Dawgbones
23 Chicago Cubs           Jeff

24 New York Yankees       Kirk
25 New York Mets          BA Benny

Please email me a list of the draft choices in your preferred order (i.e. x, a, w, e...  or  x, a, autopick) and I will allocate them accordingly.  You have until Friday at 11:59 PM to submit your draft preferences.  If I don't submit a list, I will draft for you. 

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