Monday, October 22, 2012

Group Break: White Sox

Team: White Sox
Buyer: Jeff

Jeff already did pretty well with the Cubs, so let's switch gears to the other Chicago team, and the real reason he joined this break.

I'm sure Jeff will be happy to add a couple of nice numbered cards to his collection, especially the Konerko:

#0770/2003 and #599/699
So, while Jeff lost a Freddy Garcia, who was pictured in a White Sox uni, to the Phillies, he did steal this Thome, who is pictured as a Phillie.

We saw Jeff's first hit come out of an Artifacts box:

Jeff will be pleased to find that he also landed a Spectrum Swatch, this one of the aforementioned Thome, complete with a hint of pinstripe:

White Sox Totals:
Base: 94
Parallel: 4
Insert: 5
Hits: 1 Relic and 1 Auto

1 comment:

Jeff Laws said...

Great break. Truly. I've never been in one where I had so many hits.