Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Group Break: Phillies

Team: Phillies
Buyer: Dan...who landed 2 autos with the A's

As with the Red Sox, the Phillies also got a wide variety of card types.  The Gold Label insert is incredibly colorful.  Ryan Howard makes a double appearance on two completely different types of cards.  The nicest non-hit card for the Phillies, though, is the Domonic Brown RC Purple Refractor #236/499.

As for hits, the Phillies landed just one, which came from an Artifacts box:

So, the Phillies get a hit of a White Sox player with what appears to be a White Sox swatch.  However, rules are rules, so if the card says Phillies, to the Phillies it goes.

Phillies Totals:
Base: 105
Parallel: 6
Insert: 9
Hits: 1 Relic

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Roy-Z said...

I pulled the Brett Myers card back in 1998. They're nice to look at, so recently I tried to look for more in the set - and found none on COMC or eBay, so they seem to have remained somewhat elusive.