Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Group Break: Yankees

Team: Yankees
Buyer: Kirk

We've finally reached our 30th and final team.  I know all of you have been desperately waiting to see the team that always gets the most cards.  Well, the Yankees certainly racked up quantity by beating the second place Red Sox by 38 cards.

Surprisingly, while there were a couple of Mantles, the player with the most cards was Derek Jeter, which is usually a good thing.

That's a great Jeter lot by any measure.  Of course, he wasn't the only guy with notable cards:

League Leaders #763/999; Fist Class Legends Gold #208/699; Gold Die Cut
You can't go wrong with a numbered Babe.

Those keeping score at home know that we've seen 43 hits through 29 teams.  Since there were 47 hits in the break, our math skills tell us we should have 4 Yankees hits. 

I think this is the first time I've posted a picture of two Wangs.  At least the pinstripe in the second one keeps it from being a complete dupe.  We already saw a Jeter hit in one of the Artifacts boxes:

Jeter wouldn't be done yet, though, as he showed up one last time in the Spectrum mini-blasters:

Hopefully Kirk is pleased with his two Jeters and two Wangs.  Honestly who wouldn't be pleased by two Wangs...ummm...I mean...

Yankees Totals:Base: 159
Parallel: 11
Insert: 29 (insane...the Red Sox were the only other team in double digits...with 13)
Hits: 4 Relics, including 2 Jeters.