Friday, October 19, 2012

Group Break: Mets

Team: Mets
Buyer: BA Benny

"If you're not first, you're last!" - Ricky Bobby

Blue Refractor #03/99 and Red #212/250

This quote certainly holds true here.  You see, to say BA Benny was the winner of the break is an understatement.  He won by such a big margin, that it appears everyone else finished in last place.  We already saw his 3 Mariners relics (including an Ichiro), which were good enough.  Mike wasn't done there, though.  In addition to the fourth-most total cards of any team, we also saw him pull a Piazza relic from an Artifacts box:

We then saw him land a Pedro Martinez relic with a sweet pinstripe:

In case that wasn't enough, he also hit an Auto in the same box...a perfect game winner, no less:

At this point, we knew Mike was happy.  He's going to be happier:

Ike came out of the last pack in the Heritage blaster.  Definitely a nice surprise. 

But, the real reason that BA Benny wins the break is because of this:

This came out of a pack of 2012 Topps Pro Debut that I have no idea why I bought.  I was in the LCS, and I just randomly picked a few things, including 2 packs of PD.  This is the first printing plate I've ever seen and held.  It beats my previous "lowest number pulled" (#/10).  As for Matt Den Dekker, he's a guy who seems to be doing pretty well in the minors, but hasn't fully put it together in AAA-ball this year.  I would imagine he's due for a solid AAA season next year.

I would imagine BA Benny will be quite satisfied with this break.  Between the Mariners and the Mets, he hit 6 relics, 1 auto, and a printing plate.  It cost him about a blaster and a half, too, so it didn't exactly break the bank.

Mets Totals:
Base: 115
Parallel: 4
Insert: 6
Hits: 3 Relics, 1 Auto, and 1 Printing Plate


BA Benny said...

WOW, WOW, WOW! I have been blessed with great mojo from this break. Thanks much!

buckstorecards said...

After I scooped the Mets out from Benny for the Dimwit break and picked up a Wright /18 relic, it is nice to see you got some good stuff in this one for the boys from Queens.